Its saturday morning and I just woke up . My eyes still blurry , hair still messed up and I still have not so nice morning taste in my mouth , after getting ready and fixing myself up for training then Railli texted me , "Uhm .....Alfred , we need to talk ." she said well texted in this case , I replied " I'll talk to you later , I gotta go to training " 

  I just got home from training and I'm sweating , but happy  , after cooling of and showering , Railli called me ,  I picked up the phone  and she said "Jake , we cant be together anymore , I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you " she dropped the phone and I fell silent .... I asked myself why ? , did she find some one else ? why?  , I did'nt feel the tears run down my cheek ......

The End

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