Love by Chance

Hi , I'm Jake  

       I'm  pure Filipino but I live  in the U.S , I have black hair , semi-brown eyes and a not so white complection  ,  I believe that faith doesn't control you , you control you're own faith , only god can set you're faith 

   Its mid summer and I've just had my test at my new school , I hated transferring cause I left so many friends at my old school , one of them was my girlfriend Railli , I still have to tell her that I'm going to another school ...but its hard you know , I'm not to excited on seing her reaction ones I've told her ,I'm afraid that she might break down in tears , altough she asked me to promise  that if I went to another school , I wouldn't look at any girl other than her , its hard to think that you're gonna leave all these years of happiness at you're old second home just to go to some big school but I gotta say , the school I'm going to is pretty nice , they are updated with the latest software and ID scanners , still...... all those fun years , and the worse thing is that you have no garentee that you'lle have alot of friend like you're old school.....

The End

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