Love Behind Faulty Eyes (P1)

She heard footsteps coming down the far hall. It must be one of the guards coming, Emma thought. She must work quickly. Emma Bernstein had just begun collecting all the king’s silver and gold valuables in a large sheet, and she most certainly did NOT want to be caught with it.

Emma Bernstein had been invited to King Palalord’s castle for a formal event – for Prince Johnathon. Every year on Johnathon’s birthday they held these events: seeking to find a suitable bride for the young prince. For 6 years the royal family did not find any girl who was suitable for their beloved Prince, that is, until they met Emma.

Emma was, well, simply gorgeous. Sandy colored curly hair, greenish hazel eyes, a petite figure, and the most friendly, inviting personality. Everyone who met her fell in love with her the instant they were introduced. Emma was shy, but not overly shy. She had moments of absolute, preposterous giddiness; and then moments of shyness and flirtatiousness.

The End

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