Love at Sea


In the afternoon in the middle of the sea. The cruise ship was sailing to Miami, Florida. And the passengers were all celebrating a very special day; that they wore red, white or blue.

In the Horizon Bar & Grill, there was the alcoholic poet, who just ordered a tuna fish sandwich. He was waiting impatiently for his sandwich. He looked at the sandwich and had the look of disgust on his face. "What the heck is this?" the angry poet shouted, "I ordered a tuna fish! TUNA FISH you idiot!" His words were slurring. Due to having his "breakfast" earlier. A bottle of vodka must have giving it away! Also, he looked like the drunken version of James "Sonny" Crockett from Miami Vice. The 80's TV show icon with some front missing teeth. Every time he smiled, he looked like somebody knocked his teeth out in a boxing ring.

While the poet's whining about the order-gone-wrong, a beautiful African-American Acrobat was sitting at the booth having a glass of lemonade. She was sipping on a straw; pressing her red lips from the lipstick against the tip of the straw. And that has grabbed the attention of a handsome Jewish Detective. He was on vacation and he was looking at her. She pushed her long golden blonde hair with her hand. He wanted to go over and to meet her. For this is his first time ever having a romantic feelings for a black woman. He looked at her beautiful legs. She looked up and saw him. He grabbed his tray full of his lunch, and walked over to her. He sat down right next to her. He loved the smell of her Beyonce's Heat perfume. He looked into her pretty brown eyes, and he put his arm carefully around her, and said, "I just had to come over to tell you how beautiful you look today."

His smooth deep voice helped her crack a smile. "Thank you." she said. His five o'clock shadow showed on his face. He grabbed her by the hand. He took her up to his cabin, and they had sex. They have been dating ever since the cruise ship trip. As for the poet, he didn't get his order right; but he did get more missing teeth for grabbing a woman's butt cheeks at the pool. 

The End

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