The letters continue

May 14 , You were love at first sight , as soon as I saw you if hit me that I'm gonna be with you one day.we flirted with me a little bit , you tickled me in till I cryer tears of joy and happiness , and thats when I knew you were the one , my friends thought I was crazy , and thought that I was obsessed , but the word for the way I feel for you I'd deeply , madly in love , you make me feel so happy , seeing you always makes my day it's like I always now when you near me it Luke I have a gps in my soul. I have a mad crush on you , but that's it it's just an crush a stupid useless crash that will never mean a thing cause y'all never know the way I feel. Did you know it's been 10years since we've meet I count the days like I'm counting down for new years eve or something :/ I know crazy right , but you still haven't made a move , you haven't asked me out , you flirt with me , that it is that all you think of me , a girl you can just flirt with ? Am I not good enough for you ! Aren't I beautiful ? I'm I too tall , too skinny , 'cause I'll eat more just for you ( like that will make a difference ) , but I'll do anything for you please tell so I know what I need to change. Well by now . Forever your love , Tara. May 15, Hello my love, it's been 12 hour since we've last spoken , I miss your smooth song like voice , your tall ,handsome , slender body. Your muscular arms , your nice glowing skin , your kind smile that makes all the girl squeal including me ^_^. Your smart , cute , and athletic , and I'm also smart attractive , and athletic (if you count dancing as a sport). Everybody says we make a cute couple (well in my head they do) so why don't you like me is it cause I'm shy and quiet? Please please reply , love you. "ugh why can't I just have the guts to mail him the letters" , I yelled to the air. " Gosh I'm tired I'm going to bed now, peace", I said to my dog pintchy, he just walked away. "no wonder Taimer thinks I'm an idiot" , I shocked my head dispite my headache , I laid down and drifted asleep.
The End

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