Love At First Write

Tara is a girl who has this omg mega huge crush on the hot love interess of the school , Taimer who she's known since Pre-K ,but he's never noticed her. So Tara secretly write letters pretending she is sending it to Taimer , but she will never get the guts too cause everyone loves , plus Taimer's Ex girlfriend is one of Taras friend. One day when Tara's Friend Cluadia ( Taimer's ex girlfriend) slept over for Taras slumber party , and found Taras Letters , and the next day Claudia posted the

"Aww , I'm finally back home it's been such a long day. Huhhh I saw Taimer bright and shiny skin dripping with sweat after his basketball practice OMG SEXXXY ooooh if he only knew how much I loved him." , I told Isis. "Girl get over him you know it will never happen, Taimer is a player he dates girls just to break there hearts and you know Yo girl Claudia gone kill you if she find out you drooling over her man." , said Isis. " Man forget Claudia if she wasn't so over protected he would ever left her ,but it's too late cause he's mine now , OMG in science today her asked me for a pencil , and when I was stretching to hand him the pencil he touched my hand OMG we have so much chemistry together." I said while counting my money for the bus. "Girl he don't want you he got every girl in the school crawling for him except me , I have a boyfriend." said Isis while she shocked her head in disbelieved while I counted my money. "Are you sure you have enough ?" She asked. "Yes , but only enough for one ticket and I still dont have enough to come back." I said while searching through my book bag. "don't worry I got a fifthy we can split it , see there's enough for both of us too come back and get lunch for the both of us." Isis said as she proudly waved her money in my face. " Where'd you get all that money?" I asked. " Chase keeps giving me money so I save it and vóla here it is , man you gotta love that boy he bought me a diamond necklace and said I was his queen." she said while blushing like crazy "Ohh girl do I hear wedding bells ?" I said while we began to laugh and stepped on the bus "What if Isis is right what if Taimer doesn't like me , no that can't be true he chose me to be his partner for our class project he could have chosen any one, but no he chose me , me ,me , me , me ,me all me." I thought in my head. (back home) "I'm home", I screamed at an empty house. "guess nobodies home" , I shrugged my shoulders and walked upstairs and pulled out my diary. "Monday may 27" I wrote . Hello Taimer you might not have noticed me I'm that girl that gave you a pencil today and you grabbed my hand yeah well I just wanted you to know that , that made my day afterwards I couldn't stop laughing and smiling ever since I've met you I've been so happy . Your the thing that got me over my parents divorce , so thanks for just being alive I guess cause if it wasn't for you I would be dead now . Yeah I know that harsh ,but I was going threw a depressed moment of my life and when I meet you , you know in Pre-K in Mrs Washes class you gave me your cookie that also made my day , well I just wanted to let you know your the reason I'm still breathing so thank.I finished with a kiss with my matted lipstick and a spritz of my perfume on the letter. "Another letter your not gonna send." , My older brother said as he walk by, I quickly place my diary into my drawer , "Omg Ross you scared me , well I will send it when I'm ready , and good night I'm going to sleep", I said . Whatever you say sis , and goodnight." he said while he walked into his room. I laid down and slowly felt asleep dreaming about me and Taimer getting married. Uhhh he's the love my life , but only in my dream we will be together
The End

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