In front of me appears Skylars face. Tears stain her cheeks under large, wet blue eyes.  "Skylar. What-" I begin but her hand grabbing my upper arm cuts me of. 

Pulled in to the room, I momentarily freeze as I see person after person milling about in the large cavourness room. 

Behind Skylar, I see Lilliana, sitting on a bench curled into a ball. Her shoulders are shaking in grief filled tears. 

"Did he-" I begin again but a small, blonde haired form hurls it self onto me. 

"Not you to!" Fourteen year old Sophie cries. 

"Sophie?" I ask her, "Is Zathris here?" at that moment, tall, fourteen year old Zathris appears before me his fists are clenched and his usually soft blue eyes are hard and cold. 

"He made us lose our child!" he growls. I look back down at Sophie and notice the blood between her legs. 

"Oh heavens. Sophie I am so sorry!" I tell her, feeling my eyes stinging. 

"It is that devil that will be sorry." Zathris informs me with a glint in his eye. 

Roxy, the last of our group, comes up, a scowl on her usually cheerful face. 

"Roxy. You ok?" I ask her. 

"Yeah, sure." She replies absently, walking over to sit next to Lilliana. 

"Lilliana?" I ask, going over to the bench. 

"Leave me alone." She growls. 

I kneel on the floor next to her, refusing to leave her side. The sounds of the others talking distract me. Voices filter in and out of my head. Getting louder and louder. Certain words sticking in my head. 





The voices grow louder as I kneel next to my friend. Making my head throb. My breathing becomes rapid and fast, barely giving me the oxygen I need. 

"SHUT UP!!!!!!" I scream as i finally lose it. 

The whole room turns silent as dozens of eyes turn to stare at me. 

"I have a headache." I say lamely, turning back to Lilliana who is taking no notice. Sophie is weeping into Zathris' arms, his tears are spilling onto her hair. Skylar is sitting on the bench on the other side of Roxy,Staring straight ahead with unseeing eyes. 

Whispering surrounds us as the voices continue. One voice stands out. 

"How did she do that? What can she do?" It is the low growl of the man he attacked me and brought me hear. 

"She can manipulate both people and objects." A woman's voice replied. I keep my head down whilst listening intently to the conversion. 

"Manipulate? How do you mean?" My attacker asks. I silently agree with the question. 

"She can make people do what she wants them to. Make them see what she wants them to." The woman replies, awe present in her voice.

What? How is that possible! That is witchcraft. I am no witch. But how am I hearing a whisper from the other side of a room full of whispers? What did he do to me?

"That is powerful. Are you sure we should have made her?" He asks this one got my attention. Made me? What does he mean by that? Made me what?

"Yes. She can be a powerful ally." The girl replies. 

"Can be. Is the part that worries me." He says back slowly. "What about the others I made last night? What can they do?" He then adds. I know immediately that it is my friends he is talking about. The shift in tension in the air around me lets me know they are listening as well. 

"you know it doesn't work like that. I won't know for certain until they use it." She says, sounding tired. 

"Try." He orders. 

After a sigh, the girl pauses a moment before speaking in a monotonous voice. 

"The ginger one, Skylar has mental capabilities. She can sense, if not directly know, the future." The girl says. I look up at my ginger friend who is gazing around the hall obviously looking for a different ginger. But there is none. Only her. The woman continues speaking. 

"Sophie, the youngest one, she can transport objects from one place to another." 

Switching my gaze to Sophie, she is looking up at Zathris a certain wonder and curiosity fighting its way through her pain. 

"The male, Zathris, he can create exact duplicates of objects."

"The Gods help us." I groan, receiving a frown from Sophie and Zathris whom is trying to contain a childlike excitement. 

"The girl with dark hair, Roxy, she has a certain control over the four elements, fire, water, air and earth." 

Roxy looks up wide eyed in surprise. 

"The last one, Lilliana," Lillianas sobs pause as she listens to the next words. "She can make objects invisible to the naked eye." 

Lilliana continues her frozen stature for a few more moments before breaking back down into sobs. 

"Is what he says true?" Sophie asks Zathris. When Zathris shrugs his shoulders, I decide to answer. 

"Let's see shall we? She says I can make people do what I want them to?" I have a quick look around the hall and see a group of muscular men in a Conor, whispering to each other. I pick the one with the light blond hair. "I will make that guy," Impoint him out to the others, "Waltz around the room with the guy next to him." 

"I really hope this is real. I wanna see those Blacksmiths waltzing." Zathris says, eyes lit up in anticipation. 

I look at the guy, imagining my mind, my thoughts, being linked to his. I sense a band form between the two of us. 

Heading from my head, thought the crowd and finishing in his brain. I instinctively tighten it and get bombarded by his thoughts. 

They better let us out soon, I gotta get back to work.

I could do with an apple pie right about now.

This guy was seriously completion? He does not own a brain!

Why is that girl staring at me? Is their something on ma face? She's kinda cut-

I quickly shut out the thoughts and send one of my own down, willing him to listen to it. 

Waltzing with the guy next to you is a good idea. He would enjoy it.  I feel a twing in the band as he receives the thought. A moment of consideration later, and he turns to the guy next to him. 

"Fancy a dance?" He asks. Sensing the other guy is going to say no, I quickly send another band to him, pulling it tight and ignoring the thoughts, I send in another thought to him; Dancing will be fun. Never tried it before, you never know.  The other guy nods his head. 

The first one, whom I learn from his thoughts, is called Josam, put has left hand at the other guy, Harold's waist and the othe in his hand, pointed in the air. 

They both then started to waltz around the room to a cavern of clapping, whooping and laughing. After five minutes of this, I pull the stands away and watch as both big, burly men stumble to a horrified stop.

I then turn back to my friends to see all, minus Lilliana, laughing at the scene. 

"I take it they were telling the truth." I say, "Sophie, apparently you can transport objects. Take this," I pull a hair and out of my hair, "and move it to your hand." I challenge her. 

She turns from Zathris, still leaning into his body and looks at the light blue fabric in my hand. Concentration forms in her expression. 

Before I get to the number twenty, the fabric vanishes from my hand and reappears a moment later in Sophie's. A small smile forms on her tear stained face. 

"Nice!" I say, marvelling how she did that. "Can you put it back to my hand?" I ask her curiously, not knowing the extent of it. 

"Yes." She answers confidently. Two seconds later, the fabric appears in my hand.

"That is cool!" Zathris exclaims, "Can I try mine?" He then asks, eying the fabric. 

"Yeah sure." I say lightly. In less than the time it took Sophie, there are three identical light blue bands in my hand. 

"Nice!" Zathris compliments himself, taking one of the bands. 

"How do you know that isn't the real one?" I ask as they all look completely identical. 

"It has a little glow around it, can't you see?" Zathris asks. I look intently at it, them the two in my hand. 

"No." I tell him. 

"Oh." He replies.  

"Roxy?" I ask her. 

"Hmm. Let's try and make that rock lift." She says, staring at a little rock on the floor next to my right leg. 

Slowly, the rock lifts off the floor and floats gently towards Roxy who's face lights up in glee. 

"Sylvia?" I ask turning to her but her vacant expression is back. I figure I am not going to get an answer from her. "Lilliana?" I try but again, I am ignored. 

"What now?" Zathris asks, looking pointedly at the door behind us.
The End

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