Slowly, the black turns to red. Immediately I fear I have entered hell but sounds return to me. They are not the sounds of millions of screaming souls. Or the laughing devil. No. They are the sounds of my husband questioning our children.

"Tell me again what this person looked like." His voice is saying.

"He was tall and wore a black cloak." My sons voice tells him.

"Mummy?" Sylvia asks, I feel a hand on my leg.

The sounds all vanish as a sudden hunger fills me. My stomach growls and a ravashing pain explodes in both my stomach and my mouth.

Without thinking, I grab the nearest thing next to me and feel a shift in my body. A slight painful tingle in my gums and my vision turns red.

A satisfying moan escapes me as a lovely liquid falls down my throat. In my hunger, I do not take notice of what I am drinking. I just know it is slowly satirising my hunger.

After four more full drinks of the juice, I sink down to the floor and slowly take in my surroundings.

I scream.

Cradling in my arms is my second oldest child, Melinda. Her sweet green eyes are wide and staring, an expression of pain and fear etched forever in them. Her throat has a gaping red hole oozing little dribbles of blood.

Lifting up a hand, I close her eyelids. If not for the torn flesh wound in her neck and the red on her white lace nightgown, she could have been sleeping.

Looking over, I can see my other two daughters with similar wounds on their necks. My son lies sprawled on his bed, leaking blood onto his sheets.

My husbands look is one of hatred and anger. His blue eyes glaring at me even through death.

I look back down at Melinda. Her mouth is open in a scream. A single tear lies on her left cheek. I stand up, taking her with me and tucking her in her bed, being careful not to step on anyone.

Next I take Annabeth and do the same. I out Sylvia in her cot and then turn back to my son. He lies sprawled, mouth agape. Blank, pain filled eyes staring. His short brown hair is free of blood, unlike his sisters'.

"My little boy." I sob, picking him up and cradling him in my arms. Outside, the sun is rising. "Happy Birthday baby." I tell him before putting him in his bed.

A movement at the door catches my attention. Turning to see who it is, I see the man who had created this nightmare.

"What did you do to me?" I ask him, "what did you do to my children?"

"I gave you a gift. You are immortal and will help us in our war." He tells me, taking a step in the room and looking at my children lying in their beds. "You did this to them." He says. He lifts his hood up of his head revealing bright red hair. I notice his eyes are now a strange, light grey colour.

"I would never-" I begin but I cut off as I see myself in the mirror. Blood runs from my mouth down to my neck. My families blood. My babies blood all over my face. "Bring them back. You brought me back, do the same to them." I hiss, turning from the reflection.

"I can not do that." He tells me with a smirk.

"WHAT!?" I screech, "You can do this to me but not to them? It is Arians fifth birthday! Bring him back!" I start to prowl towards the man, feeling the tingle in my teeth again.

"You are to young to have that control. I have the control not to kill. You do not." He tells me, refusing to back down. Bad move.

I stalk closer to him raising my hands in fists. The way I have seen my husband do plenty of times before.

"What do you plan on doing? You can not kill me." He says, his mouth smiling, eyes bright.

"I plan on making you bring my babies back." I say, taking the last step towards him and throwing a punch to his stomach. Fast as lighting, his own hand comes up and blocks mine, grabbing and keeping a hold of it.

"Calm down and come with me." He says, looking directly into my eyes. I glare back up at him, to angry to weep for my loss.

"Calm down? You want me to calm down after doing this to me?" I screech pulling back my other hand which he catches just as easily. "Let go." I order, preparing to kick him.

"Calm down." He counters.

"Take me where?" I wonder allowed.

"Back to the hut. Where the others are. We can teach you to control yourself." He says smoothly, attempting to calm me down.

"Why didn't you do that before letting-" I stop and instead gesture  into the room behind me.

"We can't have you with any connections left." He says simply.

"So instead of taking me away, you leave me to kill my family?" I say quietly, seething in bubbling anger.

"Yes. It is what we do with everyone. Now hurry up before the sun passes that cloud.


"It is not good for you on your first day. After a week you will be safe to step out." He says. He then pulls me towards him and tells me to close my eyes. Hesitantly, I do so.

As soon as my eyes are closed and the world becomes a shadow land, I feel us move, being jostled down the stairs and then the cool breeze of the morning air. I keep my eyes closed until he sets me on my feet.

Opening my eyes, I can see we are now in a small, bare, wooden room. On the wall opposite, is a large door. Behind it, I can hear voices of a lot of people.

"Go in there and wait for orders." He tells me before turning and walking out the door we must have come in. I hear a click and guess he locked me in.

Three steps forward brings me to the door. Taking a deep breath, I open it, take a look then scream.
The End

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