Love at First Bite

Rita, Skylar, Liliana, Sophie, Zathris and Roxy were best friends back in the 15th centuary. Then, one horrible night, the devl came to each of them. Creating a curse they can never rid themselves of. A curse which results in them feeding of normal humans. They were turned to aid vampires in a war with witches.
Now, in modern times, the witches are back and they are armed with Hunters. Will these six friends ever get the peace they crave?

"Rita, I have a terrible feeling something will happen," whispers my best friend, Skylar. 

"Do not talk like that," I whisper back angrily, "anyone will think you are a witch!"

"sorry but I can not divert this feeling of dread." she replies, I can see barley hid tears behind her light blue eyes. 

"It is only because our husbands are leaving for the war tomorrow. They will come back to us in pristine shape, like they always do," I can't stop the tratureous  hate deceiving its way into  my voice. 

"I know they are and they have been before but i have never before felt this much dread before they leave." she replies, one of those tears escaping her left eye and falling onto her rosy cheek. 

"I am sorry but i can not do anything to help."

"I know. I should never have plagued you with fears like this." she apologises. 

"I do not fear HIM not returning." I tell her before I can stop it coming. "I am sorry, I should not have said that. I should go." I tell her hurriedly. 

"Sorry, Rita." She says quietly as I briskly walk away. 

"Don't be. It is me and my foul mouth which will land you in trouble," I mutter to myself as my house comes into view. 

All the candles in the house are off. I  release a quiet sigh of relief as my nerves leave my veins. 

I walk up to my front door and press my body against it, slowly twisting the bronze handle until it clicks. I then take my weight of the door and open it slowly, just allowing enough room to get my slim figure through. 

In the house, i turn to the door, closing it just as carefully, ensuring it does not squeak. 

Task complete, i let another sigh out, forehead leaning against the cool wood of the door. 

"How many times must you have sneaked out to manage closing that door silently?" A voice asks. I jump, then freeze. 

"I asked you a question. Answer me and you wont get hurt," he pauses menacingly, "as much."

Swallowing down my paranoia, i turn to face him, trying to ignore the sudden increase in my heart beat. 

"I don't know." I tell him quietly. 

"You don't know?" He repeats, getting up to tower directly in front of me, "that means it has been too many times for you to count." he tells me, his fist raised. "Who have you been seeing?" He asks, his fist right in front of my face. 

"No one." I reply, unwilling to get Skylar in any more trouble.

His fist connects hard with my face, causing my head to rebound on the door behind me. 

"Tell me." He grinds out. 

"Do bwone," I say through a broken nose. I fight to hold the tears back. If i cry, the beating will be worse. 

"Do you seriously expect me to believe that? Do you think I am stupid?" He screams back. 

"Please do not shout, You will wake the Kids up." I tell him, glancing to the floor above. 

"Don't you tell me what to do." He growls but he has lowered his voice. 

"Please, calm down, the kids will see this in the morning." I continue, pressing hard against the door in an attempt to get away from him. 

"So what if they see you? It will teach the girls to be obedient and our only son how to properly treat a woman." he hisses, moving forward so his body is against mine, holding me back. 

I immediately put my arms around his back, making my hands tangle in his rough, light blonde hair just the way he likes it. 

"We can stop fighting," I say, leaning on my tiptoes to whisper in his ear, "and enjoy the time we have together," I add, trailing my lips from his ear to his mouth, in a way which calms him down, "before you go away," I move my hands down his back, rubbing up and down, "and leave me." I finish, kissing his lips. 

Hesitantly, he kisses me back. Then he gets more into it, relaxing himself into my body his hands roaming my back and hips. 

"I suppose the answer can wait. As long as it was not another man." he says, taking his mouth from mine, leaving me gasping for air. 

"I swear, I was not seeing another man." I tell him, he grunts and lifts me up, heading towards our quarters. 

"I will soon find out, won't I?" he asks, not expecting an answer. I sigh as he dumps me on our bed. I know he will not forget, but right now he is thinking about the prospect of another heir. 

He sits on the bed next to me, picking my head up by my hair and placing another forceful kiss on my lips. 

He moans as he rips his underpants of and trows them away. He starts to take my own off but a cry from upstairs interrupts us. 

"I have to go and see what is wrong with the kids." I say as three more cries join the first. 

"Do you have to? I am sure they will go back to sleep on their own." He whispers into my ear. 

"Sorry. I doubt that. They inherited our stubbornness." I tell him. 

Pushing out from under him, I step out of the room. 

"I will be back." I call over my shoulder before shutting the door. 

I turn to go upstairs, thinking how lucky it is I know how to calm him down. If I didn't, I am sure Skylar  would be in a much trouble just now. 

"Here here, what is wrong with you all?" I ask as I step into the kids room. 

Seeing my youngest child, Sylvia, held by the foot by a large, muscular manin the centre of the room, I freeze. 

Sylvia is screaming her head off, her eyes shut, long blonde hair flowing below her head. 

"Let my daughter go." I grind out through my teeth. I can see my other three children out the corner of my eye. Our eldest and only son is holding his sisters close to him, whispering in their ears. 

"Or what?" The man asks, I can hear a sneer in his voice. 

"Or you will bloody well regret it." I tell him, taking a step closer. 

In. Motion too fast for me to see, he swings Sylvia back up and grips her by the throat in what is surely to be a death grip. 

"Step back." He says as Arian screams his sisters name. 

I immediately return to where I had been standing. He lowers my daughter back into her crib. 

"Such pretty children." He tells me, taking a step awY from Sylvia and towards me. 

Another wave of relief floods me  as Sylvia lays in her crib, safe. 

"You have a choice now," the man tells me, taking another step in my direction. "You can let me kiss you and I will leave your children be. R you can watch me kill your children one by one." He says, his next step taking him centimetres from my face. 

"That is no deal." I tell him, "I will let you kiss me." I look up into his eyes to see two black holes. Holes into the pits of hell. 

"So loyal to your husband, aren't you?" He asks, bending down and pressing his rock hard, cold lips against mine. 

Hs kiss gets harder as i try and pull away. He pries my mouth open with an equally hard tongue, and sticks it in. 

I lift a hand to smack him away but he grabs it and holds it down. 

Finally, he releases my mouth only to grab my hair and pull my head to the side. 

"What-" I try asking but a slap to my exposed cheek silences me. 

"This wont hurt at all." he tells me, turning so i can see his face. Thise eyes are still as dark but his teeth shock me. Every single one of them end with sharp points. 

He pounces on my neck. 

A scream rips out of me as agonising pain spreads through my body. Starting at the neck and spreading around until all i know is pain. I forget my children are in the room and scream until all i can do is gurgle. 

"There. It wasn't so bad, was it?" he asks as he lays me on the floor. 

My vision begins to blur as death comes to take me. 

"We cant have you dying on us." The monster scorns. 

Next thing i know, a horrible, metallic taste fills my mouth. I try to spit it out but he holds my mouth shut. 

"drink. The pain will go away." He says. I swallow don the liquid just as darkness takes over, sending away the pain. 

The End

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