Love As A Wall

Trying to break through. ..

For a year, you have been trying to run through a wall.
People stare and watch you destroy your body, slowly dying.
They feel sympathetic seeing you actually believe you can get to the other side.
They try to "help" you.
They say, "It's time to give up man",
but you don't hear them and try harder, ignoring their petty intervention.
They think you're crazy.
They think you're trying to kill yourself.
But you're not.
You feel every bit of the pain.
You feel the scratches, the bruises,
The exploding feeling in your chest from aggravation.
You know that this is dangerous.
You know the odds are slim of breaking through that wall.
Smashing face first into a wall for so long can really take a toll on someone.
But you tell yourself that it is worth it.
People have told you, "It will make a better man of you.",
as if so much pain will better you at all.
You can only hope that one day,
you can say to those weak at heart, and of little faith,
"I ran through that wall, and I'm on the other side."
You can only hope that you can run through that wall.
 You can only hope that one day, you will fall through that wall.

The End

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