Bane Manor

"The Master has instructed that you're to be given this room." Jane said, finishing the climb up the grand staircase. Petrova followed, finding herself slightly out of breath. She pursued Jane into a room of fair size, with a set of windows covered by long, dark drapes. There was a wooden vanity with a round mirror mounted above it on one side, and a wardrobe on the other. In the center was a large bed, easily able to hold three girls of Petrova's size. "It's lovely." She said, stroking the soft sheets. She glanced up at Jane. "Where do you-"

"My chambers are just down the hall." The other girl smiled. "I'll let you be alone for a few moments so you can settle in. Then I'll show you a tour."

"Okay. Sounds great." Once Jane had swiftly departed from the room, Petrova strolled over to the curtains and thrust them open, allowing the natural light in. She then set her trinkets neatly along the vanity before wandering to the wardrobe. Inside were a few dresses, all the same. My uniforms. She thought, grasping one and pulling it out. She supposed she should change into it and ducked behind the changing wall. Quickly, she stepped out of the beautiful gown, shedding layer after layer. Then she pulled on the black dress, white apron, gloves and bonnet. She had just finished placing her other gown neatly in the wardrobe when a soft knock sounded. "Come in." She said, clearing her throat.

The door opened and Jane stepped in, dressed identically to Petrova. "I trust you've settled in?" She asked, looking around.

Petrova nodded. "Yes. Thank you."

Jane turned towards the hall. "Shall I show you around?"

Petrova followed Jane down the stairs silently and halted beside her as they reached the bottom.

"This is the foyer." Jane said, guiding Petrova through the entryway of the manor and to an adjacent room. "This is the parlor."

Petrova was stunned by the lightness of the room. The elegant furniture was white, and the fireplace was a shiny marble. There were many windows, and a beautiful piano in the corner.

"Through here is the study or den. The Master spends hardly any time here. I think it reminds him too much of his father."

"Is he not home? The Master?" Petrova wondered.

"No. He's been out ever since breakfast." Jane replied, leading Petrova out of the study. "Over here...."

Petrova followed Jane around the manor, through room after room, awed by the charm and beauty of the place she now called home.

"Down this way is the ballroom." Jane led Petrova into a room clothed in a pasisonate scarlet, with a variety of candles along the wall. A breathtaking chandiler glistened overhead, sparkling in the morning light. In the corner stood a small stage, which suppored a sleek, black, grand piano.

"Does the Master play?" Petrova wondered, gesturing towards the piano.

Jane beamed. "Occasionally. It's a real treat when he does. It's beautiful. I do hope you get to hear him pay sometime."

"So do I." Petrova responded, tearing her gaze away and following Jane.

"Well, that covers the manor itself. Come, I'll show you the grounds." Jane stepped outside and headed towards the side of the house. "As you can see, the estate is quite large...." Jane trailed off, weaving in and out of the lush, green hedges. As they wandered, Petrova heard the rapid trickling of the elaborate fountain that stood in the center of the magnificant garden.

She sighed. "It's beautiful."

The tour of the grounds concluded a short while later and Petrova found herself back inside the manor with Jane.

"Well, that concludes the tour of Bane manor. Your duties as a servant are simple: do what the Master requests, no objections, and make sure the house is always tidy and clean in the case of unexpected guests. You must also be pleasant to anyone and everyone, especially the Master himself, and it is vital that you speak only when you have first been addressed. Do you have any questions?"

Petrova thought for a moment, then shook her head. "Not at this time."

Jane nodded. "Well, if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask. You know where to find me." She smiled. "Since the manor has already been clean, you're free to do whatever you'd like until the Master returns, but you must stay at the estate." Jane paused, her eyes brightening. "There's a library upstairs." She smiled.

Petrova didn't recall seeing a library during the tour. Then again, she'd only been half present, the other half of her distracted by the sophisticated charm of the house. Her heart leapt with joy. "Upstairs?"

"Mm-hm. Take a right, down the first hall, then a left and it's the lage room with two doors around the corner." Jane then turned and entered the parlor. A few moments passed and then the graceful sound of music flowed from the room.

Petrova didn't hesitate a minute longer. Eagerly, she hurried upstairs, in search of the library.

The End

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