Love and Theft

When a tragic event strikes in London 1877, the lives of three strangers are changed forever. Petrova lost the thing she held most dear to her. Wren is haunted by his dark past, and Harry has seen death first hand. Little do they know, the accident that changed thier lives will also be responsible for bringing them together where they are tested in more way than one.

London, 1877

11:56 was the time the large clock read.

In just four minutes, the tewlve o'clock train would pull into the station. People in a wide array of colors and elaborate fashion gathered along the tall brick pillars, chatting excitedly about their pending journeys. Others patiently awaited the arrival of friends, family members, and loved ones. The time was now 11:58. Two more minutes, and the train would arrive. In two minutes, three stranger's lives would change forver.


Amongst the crowd, towards the back, stood a man by the name of Wren Castiel. The ticket in his coat pocket came as a sense of relief for him. It was as if God himself had answered his many prayers. He was finally able to get out of the dreary place called London, where he could leave behind the darkness of his past. He would be able to start a new life, putting his haunting past behind him. For good. This train would give him freedom.


Seventeen-year-old Petrova Collins pushed aside the dark curtains and peered outside as the carriage bumped along the stone city streets. The train station was fast approaching, and excitement bubbled up inside her chest. Soon, she'd be with her parents. For the past several weeks, she'd been all alone, in a large house with only the company of Lily, an older woman, who served as her beloved tutor and the family maid. For her, the train provided a reunion of a family apart for too long.


Twenty-two year old Harold Bane awoke as the train turned, beginning to enter the tunnel of the station. For him, the train was a refuge, taking him back to the sanctuary of his home in London. He stood in the compartment and slid open the door, only to be welcomed by quite an unpleasant odor. It was strong, a mixture of burning metal and some sort of gas. With a sinking feeling of dread in his stomach, he knew that his original thought was wrong, and that something terrible was about to happen.

And it did...

...The train exploded.

The End

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