Moving In?Mature

“Are you sure?” asked Meghan.

“I really don’t know. I don’t want to move out of our flat; I like living with you,” said Lily sadly.

“But you love him?”

“Yeah, I do. I don’t know... Maybe we should look for a little house.”

“Well, I’d miss you. But we’re halfway through university already, both of us,” said Meghan.

Lily shrugged, looking out of the window. “I suppose it has to happen at some point”

Meghan looked down at their scratched wooden table, tracing the dents with her finger.

“What you thinking?” asked Lily.

“Well, I thought- you might not like the idea, but I mentioned it to Ollie...” Meghan’s forefinger moved to the rim of her cup.

 “I thought that maybe we could look for a house. Like, together?”

“I’d like that... Is Ollie cool with it?” questioned Lily.

“Yeah, he’s all for it,” said Meghan. Lily smiled at the lilac gingham curtains.

“I’ll see Nick about it,” she said. Meghan nodded.

The End

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