Love and RugbyMature

It's a bit over dramatic, but hey-ho. I like it.

Solo story :)

 “Hello ladies, what can I do to help you?”

Meghan turned round quickly and looked up.


“Ryan Ellis...” Meghan said. The tall, muscular man in front of her raised an eyebrow.

“You actually know who I am?” he said, surprised. She nodded.

“If it’s rugby, she’ll know it... really. Particularly when it’s knowledge of the more attractive men on a team,” said Lily, laughing.

Ryan looked sceptical and Meg found her voice.

“Is it so impossible for girls to like rugby as well? We can like it too!”

“You better believe it,” mumbled Lily. Meghan elbowed her, returning her gaze to Ryan.

“You can help us, after all,” said Meghan, folding her slender arms over her chest.

“Can I?” asked Ryan, smiling.

“Yeah- we’re here for the sport journalist open day but... um... it’s not open.”

Ryan laughed. “Right. You’re a little early, but some of the guys will be out soon- hey! Nick! Over here, mate!” he shouted, waving at someone behind them.

“Oh Christ,” muttered Lily, not turning round. Ryan heard her.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like Nick?”

Lily was about to answer when Meghan piped up with “Lily? Not like Nick? Why do you think she’s here?”

Lily scowled at Meg and turned round, unable to stop staring at the approaching figure. He stopped in front of them. “Hey,” he said, shaking Meghan’s hand and nodding at Ryan, holding a hand out to Lily. After a moment’s hesitation, she took his outstretched hand.

“Hello,” she said, shaking his hand with a grin. He smiled back warmly, but nobody spoke for a few moments.

All of a sudden, Meghan burst out laughing. Instantly everyone else joined in.

“That’s one way to break the ice...” chuckled Nick, still holding on to Lily’s hand. He seemed to notice and they both dropped their hands, a little embarrassed. He looked at Lily and they smiled awkwardly.

Ryan raised an eyebrow. “Nick, this is- Nick!”

Nick looked round. “What?”

“This is- actually, I don’t know your names,” said Ryan apologetically.

“I’m Meghan, and this is Lily,” said Meghan, brushing her hazel hair back off her forehead.

Nick glanced at Lily again. “Hi- pleased to meet you,” he said. Ryan met Meghan’s eye.

“I think I see somebody else, come with me. I’ll introduce you to Max if you like,” he said. She nodded happily. Lily shot her a warning glance, but she just smiled and walked through the drizzle after Ryan. Lily and Nick faced each other. There was a pause.

“Nice weather,” said Lily. Nick looked up, raising his face to the bright sky and the fine, misting rain.

“No it isn’t,” he said. She shrugged.

“Guess not,” she replied.

“Nice company though.”


“The company. It’s much better than the weather.”

Lily blushed. Neither of them spoke for a while. The rain got heavier.

“You dancing?” Nick asked finally. Lily looked up at him.

“You asking?”

“I’m asking.”

“Then can we dance our way inside, please?”

Nick laughed and nodded, turning to jog away. Lily ran after him. They stopped outside a large door. “You’re not a bad runner,” said Nick.

“Thanks. Neither are you,” she said, laughing. He smiled, opening the door for her.

It seemed like the whole team of very large, very substantial and very loud rugby players were squashed in the little room beyond, with Meghan looking completely at home to one side talking to a player Lily recognized to be Ollie Montgomery.

“Hey, guys!” said Nick loudly. Those who noticed him come in waved.

“I should get some interviews done,” said Lily.

“Yeah, good idea. Plenty of choice considering I think you’re the only folk who turned up.”

“Maybe it’s the rain?”

“I think that’s being nice,” said Nick. Lily laughed, shaking her head.

“Do you mind if I start with you?” she asked. He smiled.

“Sure,” he said, leading her off to a side room. The only other inhabitants were two boxes and a massive net bag of rugby balls. Lily reckoned they must be stockpiling for the apocalypse.

“Let’s begin then,” she said, sitting on one of the boxes.

Her interview continued for about twenty minutes, but she found herself running rapidly out of sensible questions, and decided to stop herself before they spiralled into the faintly bizarre. She ended the interview with a certain question she found of particular importance.

“After your divorce, is anything happening on the romance scene?” she asked jokingly. Or half jokingly, at least.

 “Um, nothing, just now,” he said, smiling at his shoes.

Lily nodded, switching off her tape recorder and trying very hard not to grin.

“Well, thank you. That was great, Nick.”

Neither of them stood up. He looked at her, face serious. He inched forward very slightly, and the door of the cupboard swung open. Al Jenkins walked in.

“Oh, no half cosy in here!” he said.

“Three’s a crowd, Alan,” muttered Nick. Al laughed.

“Come on, you two! Seeing as Meghan and- is it Lily? - are the only two folk here, we’re gonnie play a wee game!”

“Sounds fun,” said Lily, standing up. Nick sighed, standing up.

“What are you making us do?” asked Nick.

“Just a wee game of truth or dare,” said Al, grinning.

Nick didn’t reply. They both followed Al out of the “cosy wee cupboard” and into the larger room.

“Right, who’s going first?” said Mike Ross from the corner.

“Captain!” said Ollie. That, of course, was very stupid of him.

Lily wandered over and sat next to Meghan.

“Right, you big weans!” said Nick. “I dare... Ollie! I dare him to kiss someone else in this room,” said Nick, laughing. Ollie groaned. He looked up at the ceiling, as if praying for some divine intervention. Unfortunately for him, none came.

He looked round. Walked towards Meghan and Lily in the centre. Towards Meghan. He looked down.

“Sorry... I mean, you don’t need to, but... the guys... They’re not exactly my type.” He laughed nervously. Meghan sighed. Ollie’s face fell.

“Fine. I can’t make you look like a complete idiot now, can I?”

He smiled.  She stood up, looking very red in the face. He leaned in and kissed her. The kiss went on for longer than a dare strictly had to, and everyone noticed, cheering raucously.

They broke apart, Meghan looking caught somewhere between laughter and utter mortification. Sitting down next to Lily again, she momentarily opened her hand, long enough to let Lily see a little piece of paper with several numbers written on it. Meghan dug her hand into her hoodie. Lily squeezed her arm and she grinned.

“Ollie’s turn!” yelled Ross, who seemed to have appointed himself the ringleader.

“Al! Do the salsa!”

Two hours and multiple bad dancers, worse singers and mind-scarring acts later, Lily and Meghan thought it about time to be heading.

“Thanks, you guys, I had a great day,” said Lily.

“Yeah, me too,” said Meghan, her eyes drifting to Ollie, who was smiling at her.

Someone shoved Nick into the clear part of the floor in the middle.

“Bloody hell!” he hissed. Some of the team looked at him expectantly.

“Right, okay,” he said, walking over to Lily. Leaning in to her slightly, he said, “Okay. I feel like an idiot, but... Jesus, this is so juvenile...”

Lily laughed. “Yes, you can have my number,” she said, writing it in her notepad and ripping off the whole page, handing it to him.

He grinned. “Thank God I didn’t need to ask you,” he said gratefully. Lily smiled at him.

After a slightly awkward moment, Meghan and Lily waved a final time and walked out the door.

“Well, how about that,” said Meghan, looking at Lily.

“How about... that.”

The End

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