Love and Hate Related

An arranged marriage between two people doesn't usually result in happiness, but when an ordinary girl is thrown into a what seems like a nightmare, can it get any worse. Oh yes, yes it can.

The grass grew taller as the meadow
neared the forest. A spring ran along the east side which I was wandering by.
It would be my track to get home. A deer popped out of the forest edge and I
watched it as it gave its fawn the okay to come out to the meadow.

They started grazing on the grassland. It felt like home here. Butterflies circled my existence and fluttered away with the strong breeze. I decided to take a rest, sitting on a rock so as not to get my dress dirty. My hand invaded the water, making a ripple.

 Beautiful could not describe the scene in
front of me. The deer perked their heads up in alarm and stormed off into the
left entrance of the forest, opposite me. I looked all around the forest edge
for any signs of danger. There was none, but I saw a dark man walking slowly
towards me.

“Hey there, stranger.” He called, a
thick Mississippi accent accentuating his voice. I didn’t answer back as the
yards between us dissipated. “Are you coming back to the campsite?” This
confused me; did I come from a campsite? In fact, I hadn’t known where’d I’d
come from, just where I’d ended up. “Emileene?”

“My name’s Reyah.” I stated,

“Emileene, are you okay?” He touched
my forehead. “Damn it Emileene, you got a fever or somethin’? You feel a little
warm. We should get you back home to Momma, she’d kill me if she knew where I’d
taken you and then you got sick. Come on, let’s go home. And no word of the
party last night, ya’ hear?” None of this made since to me.

“I’m Reyah, I don’t even know you. What
party? I never went to a party?” There was skepticism that clearly dominated my
voice. And I felt fine, there was no need to take me anywhere. I didn’t feel

“No, you’re Emileene, my baby sister.
You must have a fever so high, you’re getting delusional. Just hope you didn’t
drink so much last night you got alcohol poisenin’ or somethin’.” He picked me
up, almost effortlessly. “Luca was right, we never should have brought you, but
you’re so damn stubborn.”

I went with it. After all, it was
probably all just a dream anyway, right? There shouldn’t be any harm in going
along with made up characters of my subconscious.

There was a bloodcurdling scream that
jerked our attention to the outstanding woods. I gasped and my apparent brother
held me closer. “Luca!” He put me down and instructed, “Stay right here, I need
to go see if Luca is okay. Stay here!” But I ran after him, when you hear a
scream like that you don’t stay back on the sidelines.

“Luca!” He shouted, trying to reach
his ally. “Luca!” Another scream, it kept getting closer and closer as we ran.
I tripped over a tree root, stumbling, but gained composure, gaining on my
brother. We made it to a small clearing where a few tents were laid out, the
remnants of a campfire crackling as it went out.

He was still screaming, holding onto
his side. “Luca!” My brother ran to his side. “Luca, was it a rattler? What was
it, tell me?” His screams hurt my ears and I had to close them, it did nothing.
“Emileene, I told you to stay in the meadow! Damn it! Luca, tell me something!”
He screamed as he ripped open the man’s shirt, what we saw surprised us both.
It was a perfect human bite mark, blood flowing freely from the wound.

echoed the name. Luca looked towards me. “NOOO!” Pain shot through my shoulder,
I could barely let out a scream before I lay on the ground, weak and writhing
in the dirt.

The End

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