Love and DreamsMature

When you cant define the difference between dreams and reality, you can always count on love to be real.

Dreams. They're a mystery. No one knows where they come from or how your mind actually processes them. No one knows... but me.

Everyone always said that nothing is as it seems. Maybe it would've been smart for me to have believed it because now, I'm someone I don't want to be. In a way, I'm a zombie. The living dead. Brought back to life through a simple dream.

I walked the streets with people giving me occasional glances. As a zombie, my entire body takes a somewhat new form. All my features are made better and my skin becomes darker. It's natural for us, but at the same time, we stand out.

"One coffee, no sugar please." I said as I sat down at a table, waiting for someone to come.

My coffee came on time and I sat there waiting in anxiety. I hadn't seen him in years because of certain issues, but now, I was so near to him. So close I could almost feel him next to me.

Hours past and he was late. Very late, but I still waited.

Soon I heard a nice gentle voice tap me on the shoulder and speak to me. "Excuse me, but we're about to close. I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"I'm sorry, I'm just expecting someone. Do you think that I could wait about 5 more minutes?"

"Okay," the waiter said as she smiled and walked away.

5 minutes had passed and I kept my promise like I had said. I left the coffee shop feeling a little depressed, but then, I saw him.

I could smell his familiar sent and I smiled at the sight of his teeth and clothes.

I ran to him with tears of happiness and sarrow and he wmbraced me with the same love.

"Daddy," I cried into his shirt.

The End

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