Love and DeathMature

I stand, silent, in front of mum's grave. Tears streaming down my cheeks, but for once I did not wipe them away. This was one of the few situations where it was acceptable for a guy like me to cry. I always acted the tough guy, but even I could not be tough in situations like these. Around me, the graveyard was empty. Dad and Lissa, my sister, were at home, along with Elliot, my twin brother. 

Elliot and I had grown apart these last few weeks since mum died. He had wanted to move on quickly, whereas I found it nigh on impossible to act like I wasn't hurting inside. I couldn't just act like this whole thing with mum being ill, and then dying, hadn't happened, hadn't effected me greatly. But for once in both of our lives, he didn't understand me. It scared me. Was mum's death tearing us apart?

"Um, are you okay?" Comes a pretty, bell-like voice from behind me. I whip around, and have to stop my mouth from falling open in awe. Before me was the most beautiful girl who had ever walked the earth. Her skin, the color of ivory, is a rosy pink from the sharp wind. Her large, full lips are a little chapped, and her green eyes are warm with empathy. She has long, gorgeous brown waves that tumbles out of the woolly hat she is wearing to her elbows. She has a side-fringe, and is a little shorter than me. She is slim, but I could tell she was curvy where it mattered. 

"Yeah. I'm fine." I say quickly, rubbing my face with the cuff of my thick winter jacket. "Um, I'm Fraser. Have we met?" 

"No, I'm new. Rose," She holds out her hand. I take it and we shook hands solemnly. "So, who died?" She asked gently, moving so she is standing next to me as we look down on the gravestone. 

"My Mum..." I said, holding in the tears. 

"Oh... I'm so sorry... If it helps, my granddad died three months ago, and now I can't even visit his grave.. Its in the town where I used to live, miles and miles away.." She says, her voice breaking. 

"Oh.. So what brings you to the graveyard?" I ask, shooting her a glance from the corner of my eye. 

"I like to look at the graves, and pretend that they say my granddad's name. Its stupid, I know." She says softly. 

"No. It isn't. It isn't stupid to be sentimental. Not everyone can move on quickly from something like a death." I say without thinking. She looks at me, a little shocked. "Sorry." I say hastily. 

"Don't be." She smiles. I tentatively, I smile back. Then she says: "Well, I should go..." She tails off, as if half expecting me to say something like : 'No don't go!' But when I don't realize, she sighs. "Bye, Fraser." 

"Oh! Bye, Rose. I guess I'll see you around?" I ask, hopefully. 

"Um, yeah, I'll be at Lakeside Secondary and Sixth form center." She says, smiling wider this time, showing a little of her pearl white teeth. 

"Oh, great, thats where me and my mates go. You'll fit right in!" I feel a genuine grin light up my face for the first time in weeks. "I'll see you monday then!" 

"Yeah." She smiles back and turns to go. 

"Hey, don't I get a hug?" I say cheekily, feeling totally my old flirty self again. She turns, grinning, and I hold out my arms. She practically falls into them, and I breathe her flowery scent for thirty seconds. Then it is over, and she walks away. 

You have to see her again.. 

The End

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