Love Always QMature

"They just got news of a lifetime. Airiannas pregnant but she doesnt want it and what it might be is still unknown to them. Heck Airianna and Quan just found out what they were. But the prophecy predicts that 3 children will be born of the same family and blessed with unbelievable power. But with unbelievable power comes unbelievable danger....."

“baby I need you” he took off his boxers and guided his self inside her. “baby” she whispered in his ear. “No biting and No scratching this time iight?” she ignored him as she tried to get her a nut off. He smiled. “look at me” she wouldn’t open her eyes. “baby, open your eyes” her eyes slowly opened by the look of her face and the redness of her cheeks she looked as if she had already came. He put her leg on his shoulder and dug into her deep. “shit, baby you came didn’t you?” “she wouldn’t answer him “I can feel it” he went deeper “ugh… baby don’t do that. It hurts” he smiled and did it again “Quan stop.” “ Move yah hips baby” she rotated her hips on his dick “jus like that baby” he stopped moving and she continued to rotate her hips. Then he dug in deep she moaned loudly  he waited and then he did it again “why do you keep doin that?” “cuz I like to see your face when I do it. Now open yah fuckin eyes.” she shook her head no and wrapped her legs around his waist. “don’t stop rotatin” he grabbed her legs and spread them wide. He went deeper. She couldn’t help but to stop. He kissed her as she started to moan louder. She opened her eyes.  “you gona keep em open this time?” she exhaled to try to calm herself to keep herself from cumming again but it didn’t work and she came all over his dick. He loved when she came because the inside of her pussy was warmer  and she got wetter “mmm… baby your pussy feel so good” “ he let her legs down and started to grind. She stopped looking in his eyes and closed her eyes. He knew she was about to cum again so in between grinds he would push his dick inside her “ow! Shit Quan that hurts baby.” “whateva you kno it feels good. Can you open your eyes I wanna see the look you get when you cum.” she opened her eyes and wrapped her legs around his waist again he began to grind harder she started to moan louder. “Now cum for me baby” he grinded faster and she dug her nails into his back. He knew it was coming so he ignored it for the time being.  He pushed deep into her once and pulled his dick out and she came  she grabbed what she could of the sheets. Once she calmed down he spread her legs again and kissed her. He kissed her on her lips and said “ we gona have to record you one day” she ignored his comment as he began kissing all over her body. He kissed her on her neck where he bit her the last time they had sex because she kept biting him. He kissed her on her nipples and began to suck on them. He kissed her stomach and said “you gona have my baby one day” “one day in the distant future” she responded “yea okay we will see” he said with a smirk “don’t try nothing Quan I’m not playing with you” this time he ignored her as he kissed all over her stomach. He knew it was starting to get to her. “Quan I swear if you came inside me already you not fuckin me raw no more. And if you thinking about It if you do ima fuck you up. Get off me”  he smiled and shook his head as he put his tongue in her belly button. “move.” “calm down I was just playin I was just fuckin with your head” “its not funny” “it is to me”  she just stared at him “relax so I can finish what I started” he kissed the inside of her thighs and ran his tongue up and down her thighs. He made little circles on the inside of her thigh.  And then he put 2 bite marks identical to each other on each thigh. She sucked in air through her teeth. You could see his teeth marks where he bit her. He ran his tongue over her pussy lips  and ran the tip of his tongue back and forth over her clit. “baby!, go faster” he went faster she pushed his head into her pussy. He held her hands together  and kissed her pussy. “baby, stop playin.” she whined he laughed a little and then went back to work runnin his tongue over her clit making circles with his tongue over her clit which always got her off. He sucked on it and the last time he ran his tongue over her clit she came and he licked it up he kept eating her pussy to make her cum over and over again. After the second time  she came she told him to stop but he kept  going. “baby please” she said she just before she came again.  He kept lickin “ I swear when you let me go…..” she stopped mid-sentence because he started to lick faster her moaning got louder and her legs started to shake. And she came. He let go of her arms and looked down at her thigh he saw he left a bruise from holding her leg so she wouldn’t try to kick him off. “Now what were you saying? When I let you go  what???” he smiled and kissed her. He put two of his fingers into her  pussy. At first he rubbed  and then he started to finger her. Once she bounced back from coming 4 times back to back she told him “don’t you ever do that to me again.” “why? didn’t it feel good?” he smirked. She grabbed his dreads and pulled them. “don’t do it” “damn get the fuck off my hair you know that shit hurt you jus got finished pullin them the other night” “don’t do it again” “ aye you aint runnin shit” he took his fingers out of her pussy and pushed his dick deep inside her. She instantly let go of his hair. He kissed her and stuck his tongue inside her mouth.  He started to get rough and she burried her face into his shoulder. “Quan slow down baby” she moaned “ Nah it feel too good. Plus I told you about pullin my hair. Didn’t I?”  she closed her eyes and he smiled and kissed her on the cheek. He got rougher and she dug her teeth in his shoulder and her nails in his back. He was too deep in the pussy and he began to zone out. The sound of her screamin brought him back to reality. Once he realized what he was doin he slowed it down back to a grind and made her come again and he came with her. She couldn’t tell if he had came or not because all her wetness was on his dick she couldn’t tell whose was whose. And his dick was still hard. “What the fuck Quan???” “Im sorry baby. I zoned out for a minute. Did I hurt you?” he kissed her forehead “A minute? Quan that was like 10 mins. And yea it hurt a lot.” he was surprised it was for that long it didn’t feel like that long 2 or 3  mins….. Maybe. But 10? He never would’ve guessed. “ I don’t know it was the you biting me and scratching me that put me their your pussy be drivin me wild” “you bet not have came Inside me quan. Get off me.” He took his dick out of her pussy and rained kisses all over her as he repeatedly apologized. He pulled her on top of him and layed back “ come on lets go to sleep” she layed on his chest and he pulled the covers over their bodies and wrapped his arms around her. “ I love you baby” “I love you too” and a few minutes later she was asleep. He just thought about the whole zoning out incident. “That never happened before…….. What the hell was that? That shit cant happen again  not the way she was screaming…. I got to be careful next time. Damn! Why the fuck did I come inside her??? I must’ve really been out of it.”  The next morning he got up and looked at her. Her hair was everywhere and thighs were covered in bruises from him holding them so tight. Damn I really was out of it. He washed his face and brushed his teeth. And went back into the room. “Baby” he said as he gently shook her to wake her up. But she didn’t wake up. “Baby” he said again as he started to kiss her “what!?!” “whats wrong with you?” “Im tired and I don’t feel good I wanna sleep” she whined with attitude. “you wanna come with me?” she sucked her teeth “where?” “to the mall” he knew that would get her attention. “which mall?” she said with curiosity as she finally opened her eyes and looked at him. “Montgomery. Were you crying ?” “last night when you lost your damn mind and wouldn’t get the fuck off of me!” she  rolled her eyes and turned over. “im sorry baby. I don’t know what happened. Seriously. Come on get dressed and shit. You gonna take a shower with me?” he smiled and she smiled too he knew she loved taking showers together. He picked her up and carried her to the shower as she laughed. When they got out and got dressed she noticed the bruises on her thighs. Quan had just finished putting on his shoes when she started fussing at him “ Quan what the hell was wrong with you last night? Look what you did to my thighs! I wanted to wear shorts today. Now I cant. Because of you and your crazy ass I don’t even know what the fuck that was.” “calm down baby. Just put on a dress. I wanted to finger you when we get in the dressing room any way.” “its not funny! Quan!” “ iight ma, just put on a dress or some jeans or something to cover that shit up. Im sorry.” she rolled her eyes and shook her head and went back into the closet. She put on some jeans and a tshirt and put on her jordans. “baby” “yea baby?” “can I borrow your rubber band? I cant find any of my scrunchies” “why you wearin your hair up?” “because I want to. Can I have it please?” he gave it  to her. “thank you baby” she put her hair up into a ponytail and they left. He pulled up into cvs. “I’ll be back” she sat in the car. When he came back he had a pharmacy bag. Whats that?” he pulled the box out the bag and gave it to her.  She read it “ The morning after pill? Really Quan?” she hit his arm. “here” he gave her a bottle of water. She took the pill. He turned on the radio and drove off. He squeezed her thigh. “ow! That hurts” “my bad”  about an hour later they pulled up to Montgomery mall. He got out the car  and closed the door. And walked around the other side to wait for her. He shut  her door and they walked into the mall.  Quan turned one way and she turned the other “where are you going?” “come on.” “but I want to go to lvl X” he started walking the other way and turned around “you coming?” she rolled her eyes. Two girls then walked over to Quan trying to talk to him. “hey” they both said in unison. She rolled her eyes. He smiled at her. “hey. You comin or not?” they both looked at the girl he was talkin to and rolled their eyes. He walked over to her and grabbed her hand and walked past the girls. “ why you always gota be so difficult? Im trying to do something for you and you being difficult.”  she looked back at the girls  who continued to stare them down and smiled at them. “I saw that. Why you got to do that?” “oh so they can roll their eyes at me hatin cuz I got you and they don’t but all I do is smile and im doin something wrong?” he kissed her “come on.” he pulled her into a jewelry store and she smiled at him.  “what you gona get?” “what can I get?” “anything you want” “is this your way of trying to make up for last night?” “only if its working” “I want a bracelet.”  “iight. Gold?”  “I want diamonds too” he shook his head. When the sales associate came over he asked “is marvin here?” she replied by nodding and went to go get him. When he came out of the back he walked over to him “was sup man?? What you been up to?” “man nothing I been chillin” “so wat you need today?” “I need a bracelet a gold one with diamonds for a female….. And I don’t want none of this crappy shit out here I need something special…. You know what im sayin?” “yea I got you but you think about what exactly you want and ima go holla at this cutie ova there” he watched him walk off and over to his girl and he smiled. He could hear the conversation since it wasn’t loud in the store.  “can I help you with anything beautiful?” she looked up and smiled “no im okay thank you though” “you sure….. Cuz you shouldn’t be buying anything for yourself you too beautiful. Yah  man should and I don’t see nobody else here” she smiled again “Look again, because my man is right there.” she pointed to Quan who was smiling at them. “but thank you. Your sweet.”  “aw Damn, Q yah man?” he shook his head as Quan came over and put his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She turned around to Quan. “this my nigga marvin. Marvin this my baby.” “ nice to meet you.” “the pleasures all mine” marvin said and flashed a grin. “you know what you want now baby?” “no not really” “marv gimme something to work wit” “I got you man” he replied and pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil and began sketching a piece. “hey baby come look at this” quan said after marvin finished sketching it. “I love it!”  “for like 5 thou more I can get you a necklace and a ring to go with it.” “oooh! Baby please!” she begged with a puppy dog face he looked at her and shook his head “go head man” she smiled a huge smile that showed all 32’s “Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!” she said in between kisses. She looked at the drawing one more time it was a heart charm bracelet and the heart was colored with red diamonds. “ aye give me a Q  too as a charm to go on the bracelet I want it in black diamonds” “iight I got you man…. I can have it to you in about 2 weeks. Good with you?” “yea man that’s fine”  she hugged Quan tight. Marvin smiled at her. “you ready?” she shook her head yes. Quan put his arm around her shoulders and said “iight man Il hit you up later” “iight peace” “I hope you happy” “I am” she said with a smile. “where we goin?” “lvl x” they went into the store and they saw the two girls again. She picked out some clothes and they went into the dressing room. He sat outside while she tried on the clothes she came out first with a dress you could see her bruises. “you like it?” “if it was longer maybe. Where you think you going to be wearing that at?”  “to the club or something” he gave her a no the fuck you not look “aint happening” “well somewhere with you….” she walked over to him and sat on his lap “that way you can have easy access” “ill think about it. Let me see the other stuff you got.” she knew he was going to get it for her. She hopped off his lap and changed into some jeans. “those make your thighs and butt look good” she smiled and went back into the dressing room. When she came out she had on shorts this time. “I cant wait until these bruises clear up. Ugh….” she looked up and saw the two  females from earlier all up in quans face Quan looked at her  “baby those look good turn around” “tell them hoes to get the fuck out yah face they see you with me. He don’t want yals tired asses now keep it movin” “who the fuck she think she talkin to because it aint us” “bitch im talking to both of yal now get the steppin before you get your ass beat” Quan got up and tried to pull her away from the heated argument that was about to turn into something more. “ bitch if you want to do something come on” she ducked up under Quans arm and he pulled her back quickly “come on babes”  “quan get off me”  he grabbed her by the arms. “Quan that hurts, stop!” “calm the fuck down then.”  the girl continued to say things. “oh that’s what I thought she scared now” “bitch shut the fuck up hoe.” she tried to break lose but he squeezed her arms tighter “OW! Quan you making my arms turn red” he looked down at them and they were. He let them go but as soon as he did she swung and hit the girl talking shit in her mouth. “ shit” he said and picked her up and carried her into her dressing room “ why didn’t you let me go?” “ because you don’t need to be fighting”  he put her down and  and she sat down and folded her arms. “ you calm now?” she ignored his comment. “get up and finish trying on your clothes so we can go home” he pulled her up and sat where she was sitting. She tried on a couple more shirts and a summer dress. Quan came out of the dressing room first and she followed. He paid for her stuff and they left. “what you want to eat?” “im not hungry” she said evilly. “Man what you want to eat cuz once I get home im not comin back out and im not makin nothing either.” she just sat there. “you want some chick-fil-a?” she still didn’t respond. He knew she would so he turned into it and ordered her food for her. When he got the bag he looked inside  and ate a fry. “stop eating my food” “its not yours so shut it up I got 2 orders.” she rolled her eyes at him. “what I tell you  about that? See young you gona make me fuck you up ” “whateva” he grabbed her thigh. “OWWW!! Shit Quan what the hell” “you beta stop rollin your eyes at me den” she turned away from him and scooted closer to the door. “awww we bein like that ?” he tried to turn her head around but she yanked away and he felt a tear drop on his hand. Damn man I was just playing. “Baby, you crying?” she didn’t answer him. “Babe?”  he parked the car outside of their condo.  As soon as the car was in park she got out of the car and went upstairs. She didn’t need to have a key because they kept a spare behind the picture frame next to their door. She unlocked the door and went into the house. A couple minutes later Quan came into the room. Even though she didn’t cry enough for her eyes to get puffy they were still slightly red and so was her nose.  She was laying on the bed watching tv.  “I aint know it hurted that bad babe” “Fuck you quan” “I know you said that out of pain and anger so ima let that shit go” “you get on my nerves. You knew what you did to my thighs you knew that that shit hurt you knew I was pissed off from you holding me back from that girl. You cant go around hurtin me like this” she said as she pointed to her thigh. “and then turn around and squeeze my thighs as your leverage when im doing something you don’t want me to….”she hit him on his shoulder and scooted away from him and layed under the covers with her back turned away from him. He grabbed her leg and pulled her to him. He kissed her. “get off me im so serious right now” “get that shit out” “Quan leave me alone for a little bit okay” he knew better than to leave her alone when it was his fault she was mad. He pulled her up to his chest and hugged her tight. “let it out boo” “all im asking for is for you to leave me alone for a few. Okay.”  “well, im not goin to do that” he hugged her tighter more lovingly. And she did what he thought she would do. She cried. He rubbed her back and rocked her back and forth while she cried “whats wrong ma? I kno its more than the pain so was sup?” “you. It feels as if you don’t give a flying fuck about if that shit hurts me or not. And it does it hurts a lot! Im like why the fuck would you squeeze my thighs and you know they hurt?” “my bad ma. Its not going to happen again. Iight?” even though he knew it wasn’t just her thighs she seemed to be moody all week she must be pms’n he thought “ahuh” “im serious baby” “okay” he kissed her on the forehead. “can I get a kiss on the lips?” she shook her head no and he hugged her tighter. She let go of him and said “can you let me go now I want to go to sleep” “you not hungry?” “no I’ll just eat later. So don’t eat my food.” he smiled and said “okay”. He let her go and she laid back down. “Can I get a kiss before you goto sleep?” she ignored him. He leaned over and kissed her cheek and then her nose and lastly her  forehead. She smiled and he kissed her on the lips and she kissed him back. He got off the bed and went into the living room where he put the bags before  going into the bedroom to make sure she was okay. He took his food out the chick-fil-a bag and turned on the tv onto espn to watch football. When he finished eating he put his trash in the trash can and put her food in the refrigerator. He grabbed the shopping bags turned off the tv and headed into the room he put the bags on the floor by the dresser and layed down by her she turned over and layed her head on his chest. He got his phone out his pocket and started to respond back to the text he didn’t respond to when they were out earlier he read a message from Pat :“wats gud 4 2nite?”“its wadeva was sup?”“im tryna hit up the court aint shit else to do. You comin?”“yea bt wifey gona get mad son.”“bring her wit you lls”“den she gona be even more pissed. You trynah get me fukd up aint you lol”“man she can play too I wouldn’t mind her pushin it bac on me haha.”“Don’t get fucked up. chill wit dat shit.”“you kno im jus fuckin wit you  its all good bt seriously bring her wit you nd get her to play il bring a bitch nd wel be straight.”“iight wat time you want me to come ?”“ round 6”“il bring the ball”“iight ima hit u lata”He looked at the time on his phone it was now going on 4 she had been asleep since 2 so “she should b iight  around 5.”  At 5 :33 he kissed her on her forehead but she didn’t move so he moved his arm from under her head and  said “come on ma”  she sucked her teeth “get up” “why you always wakin me up quan? Why cant you just let me sleep?” “you want me to leave you here by yourself?” she rolled over and opened her eyes “come on get up ma im on my way  out you coming  or  what?”  she got out the bed and walked past him to the bathroom. He changed out of his jeans and put some shorts and a wife beata on. She came out the bathroom and went into the kitchen to get some apple juice.  He walked into the kitchen “hurry your fat ass up”  she stuck her tongue out at him and  wiggled her butt she went over to the sink  and he followed  he came up behind her and pushed his dick  on her butt he put his hand around her hips and moved it down to her pussy “you better quit playing or  im going to have to teach you about teasing me”  she smiled and  said “and what you going to do? Bore me to death?” she smiled  and he smiled back “nah im going to tongue fuck the shit out you though”  she licked her lips and smiled. “now come on” she put her glass in the sink and followed him  out the door.  When they pulled up at the court she gave him a sidelong  glance that he ignored and got the basketball out the back seat. “quan you woke me up to watch you play basketball ? Are you serious?!?!?!” “calm down you going to play with me” “no im not. Who told you I wanted to play with you? Because I don’t.” “you’ll be iight now come on” “No!” “who are you yellin at?”  she looked away. “come on ma it’ll be fun” “for you maybe I don’t even like basketball and you know it” “stop complaining and get out” with that said he shut the door  and went on to  the court . She got out  and went with him. He dribbled the ball “show me what you got” “you already know  I already beat you once lets not make this a habit” he smiled “I wont let that happen again”  he checked the ball and she checked back.  He went to shoot the ball but failed when she hit his hands trying to block the shot. She quickly gained control of the ball and shot it  in the hoop. They watched as it circled around the hoop and into the net. “lets make a deal”  ‘what kind of deal ma?” “1st person to 5 wins if I win we get to leave go home take a shower and you have to ……..  Do whatever I want tonight but if you win we can do whatever you want tonight. Deal?” “deal.” they checked the ball and started to play  he stole the ball from her  but  when he went to shoot it  she stole it back   this went on for about 30 mins  when it became tied 4-4  then Pat called. “ eh timeout … wasup?…….yea we on the court now…..iight”  he hung up the phone. “you ready?”  “nah my man jus pulled up we bout to play wit him and his girl” “what!?! We had a deal  quan why the fuck would you do that?” “calm down ma. Its all good” “how the fuck is it all good? Im not playin. Fuck you quan” she said as she threw the basketball at his back. “ what the hell is wrong wit you? Calm your lil ass down somewhere”  she stuck her middle finger up at him “do dat shit again and ima break it off” she rolled her eyes and sat down on the metal benches that were set up around the court. Pat and his girl came into the court and  he dapped him up and said watsup to the girl. “Whats wrong with your girl she looks pissed the fuck off man” “she is  (he started to laugh when he looked over and saw her stick her middle finger up at him again) she mad cuz she aint want to come anyway then I made a deal with her  that  the person who won the game gets to decide what we do for the rest of the night. that’s when you called  we was tied up and  it was game shot( he laughed more)”  “dam you fucked up” he laughed with him  the girl walked over to the girl who had a natural beauty to her. “I heard what happened  I would be pissed too.”  she smiled at Pats friend “ I don’t even like basketball and he knows it and he knew I was already tired”  “you good?”  “yea im straight. Im tired and pissed off  but straight” she said as she yawned  “aye come on young” quan hollered from across the court she leaned bac and put her feet up ignoring him. He sucked his teeth. “aye zyia come on” she walked over to pat  “see my girl listens” he said with a smirk  right before zyia reached them. He walked over to her  “young come on  with this shit you making me mad” “I don’t care. Did you care that I was tired? Did you care  that we had a deal and you broke it? Do you care that I don’t feel good  and I want to go home and go to sleep? Yea… I didnt think so get the fuck out my face quan”   “iight man come on lets go home.” “go play the stupid game I don’t care” “yes you do and no lets go”  “no go play” “I cant its not going to be even” “ ill play but im not going to be on your team. Me and zyia against you and pat” he laughed “seriously?” “dead serious”  “iightt” zyia and  pat checked the ball they decided to let the ladies hav the ball first she passed the ball  through quans legs to her and  partner and her partneer shot the ball in the basket. “we only goin up to 3”“Q you aint tell me she could play man cuz zyia can play too” quan laughed and said “damn”.  in the end the girls  ended up winning  by one. They laughed as they saw the guys faces as they saw zyias winning shot spin around the rim and slowly drop into the hoop. “NAH MAN I wanna rematch we went easy on yal lets play for real now” the girls laughed at pat “nah me and quan had a deal you and zyia can play if  yal want but we outtah here” pat looked at quan and he shrugged his shoulders “sorry man” . she walked off and quan followed behind her  he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck “get off me” she said as she wiped the perspiration off her forehead. “why? You got what you wanted right?”  “so it don’t matta” he ignored her and continued to kiss her “quan quit” she said as she turned around “why?” he said as he snaked his arms around her waist “when we get home I wanna taste you lick you all over stick my tongue deep in your pussy” she laughed “stop quan you not slick” he smiled and nibbled on her neck “stop” she said as she tried to push him away but he pulled her close to him  and picked her up by her butt “put me down” “nope. Gimme a kiss”  “no” he leaned in and kissed her and she reluctantly kissed him back “I wanna go home quan!”  “come on then.” he said as he put her down he walked behind her with his hands in her front  pockets.  When they got back to the condo quan picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist she pulled off his shirt and he took off hers he kissed the exposed flesh that poked out of her bra then ran his tongue over the same spot. Which made her gasp and shiver. “Oooh quan” “yea baby?” “I need you” he carried her to the bedroom. On the way they were taking off as many clothes as they could. When they got to the room he layed her down and took his basket ball shorts off and slid off her jeans and smiled at her panties that matched the bra he kissed her on her stomach  he smiled and asked “how bad you want it?” “quan stop playin” she whined. He laughed “tell me what you want  ma” “I want you baby” he pulled off her panties with his teeth he pushed her legs apart ran his finger over her clit and looked at  the wetness on his finger “daddys pussy missed him huh?” he said as he smiled and  stuck his finger in her mouth and watched as she sucked it off. He kissed her pretty lips. She could feel his dick hardening  against her pussy.   She grinded her pussy against it as he pushed against her. He unhooked her bra and slid off his boxers he pushed his self inside her. “no stop” he stopped and pulled out “what?” “put a condom on” he sucked his teeth. “ for what? You fuckin somebody else?” she rolled her eyes at him. “ stop quan you the one that came inside me last night so cut that shit out” “I knew that that was going to bite me in the ass”  he kissed his way down to his favorite spot.  He ran his tongue over her clit she gasped. “ just put a condom on quan shit stop playin” he continued to lick her clit and kiss  it with his juicy lips  and stuck his tongue deep down in her pussy. “baby right there.” his phone started to vibrate. “ignore it ma” she did as he told her but after the third time  she got fustrated and answered it. “hold on baby wait”  “ma jus ignore it” “I cant.” as she answered his phone he stuck two fingers  into her. She sucked in air through her teeth “ damn…. Hello?” “who is this” “who the fuck is this?” she said in a voice she almost could barely pas off “where the fuck is Q”  quan  kissed  her stomach. “don’t worry about where he is he aint wit you” “bitch put him on the phone” “yea iight” he  twirled his finger around in her pussy. “shit. Quan here sum bitch wanna talk to you”   “hang up on her I don’t wanna talk to her I wanna eat your pussy but you disturbing me”  she moaned as  he did a come here motion with his fingers “right there quan” she moaned and he did it once more and she came all over his fingers her legs began to shake. The phone started to vibrate again she sucked her teeth “ hello” “put quan on the fuckin phone.” “bitch he don’t want to talk to you. Ima give him the phone but wen he hang up on your dum ass remember not to call him bac cuz im wifey nd you aint shit and if I find out who you are ima beat your ass! Here quan” she said as she pushed his head back. He sucked his teeth “didn’t I tell you I don’t want to talk to her tell her I don’t wanna talk to her shit”  “ I don’t care tell her stop calin your fuckin phone why does she even have your number?” she said as she started to get suspicious. He took the phone from her and put it on speaker. “fuck you want?” “im pregnant” “what the fuck you mean you pregnant and fuck you telling me for?” “cuz you the daddy” “ that’s sum bull shit” “im 4 months do the math” “dat aint my fuckin baby stop fuckin playin wit me you sure it aint troys? I know you fucked him so don’t play dat shit you better tell him that shit” “its yours” “well It aint mine till I got papers dat say it is and the next time you call my phone cursin at my girl ima put my foot up your ass” and with that he hung up. “you fucked her?” “ no” “ then what was the whole 4 months do the math thing supposed to mean?” “nothing” he said as he tried to kiss her  she pushed him back. “get off me quan” “ma why you trippin? I aint fuck dat hoe” “whats her name?” “tia” “the same girl ty was telling me about that she saw you comin out of her house you a fuckin lie get the fuck off me”  she pushed him off and got up. “come on ma” he said as he followed behind her but she went into the bathroom and locked the door. She took a shower as she listened to quan knock on the door and plead his lost case. She came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and her wet hair hanging past her shoulders. He walked up behind her as she finished putting her panties on. He pulled her close and kissed her on her bare shoulder” “don’t touch me quan. Get the fuck off me.” he laughed and let her go. “im glad you think this is funny remember when you wonder where I am.” “what you talkin bout?” “im leavin goin over Deans house” “you aint goin ova no ova niggas house” “watch me” “ma im not playin wit you” she rolled her eyes and finished putting on her clothes. He watched her fume about. She walked in the closet and came out  with a bag. He noticed she was looking  around for something. “what you lookin for ma?” “my phone” “I know where its at” “well give it to me” “not untill you give me a kiss” “give me my fuckin phone and stop fuckin playin, shit” “nope” “fuck you” “you gona make me smack the shit outtah you”  she rolled her eyes. “come here” he said as he grabbed her arm and as she tried to pull away he yanked her back “stop quann” she whined  “whats wrong wit you” “wHAT THE FUCK QUAN YOU GOT SUM HOE PREGNANT”  “I didn’t ma” she tried to get away from him but he wouldn’t let her go. “stop tryin cuz I aint letting you go”  “GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” she kept trying to  get away from him but he jus held her tighter  then she finally gave up and slid down to the floor and cried. “what the fuck is wrong wit you?” “move get off me”  he let her go and stared at her. “why the fuck she crying she havin a mental breakdown or something” all of a sudden she ran into the bathroom and threw up quan came up  behind her and held her hair for her. When she finished she balled up into a ball and cried.  He kissed her head and lifted her up and carried her to the bed. “you happy? You accomplished what you set out to do to me and the ova female”  “ma I didn’t fuck her my man did and he said  his name was mine”  she jus looked at him with a hurt look  that could  kill “ma stop lookin at me like dat”  “ I don’t wanna have a baby im not ready  what if im not a good mom?” “ ma you gona be a great mova to my  child if we have a daughter she gona hav your looks…..dam ima have beat dese lil nighas asses” she laughed  she got up and brushed her teeth. She thought of actually having a child and the changes it would bring the responsibility she didn’t think she could do it. She went back out. “ baby I wanna get an abortion” she said while she looked down on the ground. “fuck no. don’t do dat shit ma ….don’t make me hurt you.” she cringed to herself at the seriousness in his eyes. “I don’t want a child quan I cant do it. I’ll give it up for adoption but I don’t want to be a mom” “ma…. You cant do dat to my seed . You the one I want to carry my babies  you the one I  want my baby girl to look like you the one I want to share my life with to wake up and see you with a round belly  walkin around holdin and complainin about your back  while rubbin  your tummy. I want to be by your side  when you go into labor screamin at me. Look at me ma” she turned her head away “ I don’t want to be a mother quan I cant do it.” she walked into the living room and layed down on the leather sofa.  Quan rubbed her back “why the fuck would you do this? You knew I didn’t want a baby!!! I told you not to and you did anyway! Im not havin this baby quan” “ma you not gona kill my seed” she didn’t respond she jus watched the blackness on the turned off tv set. “get up.” she ignored him “get up ma” she kept ignoring him “ma don’t ignore me. I don’t have time for that shit now get up” her eyes glassed over with her tears he took her hand and yanked her up “Ow quan that shit hurts why you so roughh?” he tilted her head up with his index finger so that they were looking into each others eyes “please keep my seed.  I know im wrong and I shouldn’t have done that shit but you felt so good and getting you pregnant really wasn’t my intention. It just happened. don’t kill my seed I want this shit bad and this isn’t like it’s a game that’s a real life you got inside you my real seed. Its our child you have in your tummy ma please take care of our child okay?” she nodded her head as tears welled up in her eyes and slowly began to fall down her cheek. “baby I kno this is hard but we’ll get through this. Ima be right here beside you through everything. Okay?” she smiled while she slowly nodded her head and saying “uh huh” he picked her up and spun her around. “damn ma you havin my baby!!!” she laughed and they kissed. “come on and eat your food. You not gona be starving my baby” he put her down and warmed up her food while she sat on the couch. When it was finished he brought the food and drink out to her. “so you gona start waiting on me hand and foot now?” “maybe” he said as he lifted up her feet and sat down beside her and started to rub her feet. “I might like this…” she said just before kissing him. “when you gona give  me a massage” he said while licking his lips. It drove her crazy when he did that it just made her want to kiss him all over. “when you stop wakin me up while im tryin to sleep” he smiled. After she ate he put her trash in the trash.  She continued to lay on the couch and watch tv. He put his hand out to help her get up “come on, before you fall asleep out here.”  she took his hand and stood up. She took off her clothes and got a t shirt from out quans drawer and put it on. She slid in the bed under the cool sheets and after quan showered he put some boxers on and slid under the sheets with her he kissed the back of her neck and wrapped his arms around her she turned over so that she was facing him they kissed. “ima take care of you baby and our seed I promise. Gimme a kiss.” she kissed him once more. She snuggled close to him and slowly fell asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Quan woke up to an intensifying headache. He rolled over careful not to wake the body laying beside him. At the moment he couldn’t understand why it was so important not to wake it………he didn’t even know who it was he looked into the face of a girl he was unfamiliar with  he studied her face  his eyes lingered on her tangled dark brown hair that that spilled over her shoulder. The way the light shined onto her face she seemed to have a radiating glow around her. An aura of sunset colors. He leaned over and gently kissed the lips of this girl who was extremely appealing to him. It seemed to have sparked a flash back of her laying on this bed with him on top of her with her moaning and him feeling the most exquisite pleasure of him feeling too good …..inside her?  The flashback continued and her sweet moans of pleasure turned into horrid screams of pain. The flashback suddenly came to an abrupt halt  when she stirred and their lips disconnected. He put his nose to her hair and smelled the smell of sweetness that lingered on it.  There was another smell that smelt like pure heaven from above a smell he that he realized lingered upon her whole body. A smell that radiated from her skin like the  beautiful aura around her precious fragile body, from inside her. The more he smelled that smell the more it made him hungry and eventually drove him wild. He cautiously climbed on top of her.  Careful not to wake her. He lifted her shirt. Something  drew his attention to her stomach. He wasn’t sure what it was but he noticed something was inside her. He had the strange urge to kiss it. So he did. He looked up at her and saw a smile appear across her face.  He kissed upwards and then lifted her bra and put one of her breast in his mouth he teased her nipple with his tongue she moaned the sounds of pleasure that he saw in the flash back. “Take your shirt off.” she quickly opened her eyes to the strange voice she hadn’t heard before. But was soon calmed to see her loves face. She did as she was told and he removed her bra.  She laid back down and brought his mouth to hers and kissed him with so much passion he was taken aback. He looked at her with such intensity in his eyes it made a chill go up her spine. He gazed at her now blue-green-pinkish red aura. It was beautiful to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He ran his hands up her thigh feeling her flesh. He squeezed her thigh. They kissed. And kissed. And kissed. Until he couldn’t take it anymore. The sexual tension and attraction was building up the feeling of her small hands roaming up and down his body touching every muscle. Her small stomach pressing against his abs. He reached down to her panties and ripped them off. Which startled her and made her subtly jump.  His hands continued to roam her body. His fingers moved down to her pulsating insides  he felt the wetness of her  he kissed her neck and that sweet smell that radiated from her came back and it came back 10x stronger. It drove him wild he removed his finger and slid his boxers off he entered roughly but slowed it down because of her reaction and he became more gentle. He put his hand around her throat  and kissed her cheek and then her neck. Instantly the smell became more of a thirst he looked down at her throat and had the urge to sink hiss teeth into her neck. His teeth retracted and he gently put his teeth against her skin. She felt the sharp pain against her neck and opened her eyes to see quan with Ocean Blue eyes  and two sharp fangs. She screamed and pushed him off her. Suddenly he was back to reality. His eyes turned back to its usual brown  eyes and his teeth retreated back to his gums. She covered herself with the comforter as she stared at him.  “Whats wrong?” he asked confused  as to why she looked at him as if he was a stranger. “get away from me”  “what?” “stay away from me”  he slowly moved closer “whats wrong with you” “whats wrong with me? Whats wrong with you?!” she slowly scooted back more. “what are you doing? Come here ma” he grabbed for her and she jumped back almost falling off the bed he quickly grabbed her arm and leg. He realized he reached her a little too fast.  But he didn’t pay attention  to it. She kicked him in the face and he let her leg go but quickly grabbed the other one with her face hanging inches from the floor. He gently pt her on the floor. She quickly got up and ran into the closet and he was right behind her with his foot in the door before she had a chance to close it. He threw the door open which caused her to fall back. “what the fuck is wrong wit you! What the hell you doin runnin and shit like im about to kill your ass or something. Stop fuckin actin so dam crazy” she scooted until her back touched the wall and she was under the clothes that hung above her. “get up” she buried her face into her arms as she sat in the fetal position. “ he grabbed for her hand and she started to scream and try to kick at him he grabbed her leg and pulled her by her leg out from under the clothes. She began to go crazy. “yo what the fuck is wrong wit your ass. You bet not lose my fuckin baby! You hear me” he shook her violently. She finally gave up and cried.  “ma what the fuck is wrong wit you? You ova here goin crazy and shit. Shit. Calm the fuck down before you lose my baby. Okay ma?”  he held her tightly as she cried. He pulled her away from him so he could look into her eyes. “are you okay?” he asked with worried eyes. As she looked into his eyes she realized he was back. She burried her face deep into his chest and nodded as she cried. “what happened?” “I don’t kno.”  “why were you runnin from me?” “because you weren’t you. You had blue eyes and fangs and you were trying to bite me! I don’t kno”  he looked at her with confused eyes “ma what the fuck are you talkin about? Listen to yourself. You probably was havin a nightmare” “I don’t have dreams like that. I kno what happened. Im not crazy”  he glared at her then finally asked “seriously?” “I don’t want to talk about it anymore” “don’t shut down on me ma.” “I don’t want to talk about it” she said with tears lingering in her eyes. She was scared to go into his comforting arms like she usually would. Afraid of what she knew happened what she knew she saw. He sensed her paranoia. He watched her subtly get up and step over him to get out of the closet. He got up and pulled her back into his arms. He felt her body tremble with what he knew was fear of his self. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. “you know I would never do anything to hurt you right?” she didn’t respond. His tone changed to a more protecting and caring tone “baby…. I wouldn’t hurt you on everything I wouldn’t hurt you” he felt tears fall on his chest. She wrapped her arms around him and he held her tighter. “wanna lay down?” he felt her body stiffen up. “you don’t have to if you don’t want to babe but I have a headache and I want to go back to sleep” “okay” he walked over to the bed and watched her get into bed. “pass me my boxers babe” she gave them to him. He felt something on his arm and chest when he looked down he noticed they were scratches from his beloved. “you dun scratched me up and shit” he walked into the bathroom to clean off the blood and make sure he wasn’t bleeding anymore. When he was sure he wasn’t he went back into the bedroom and laid back down. He looked at her. She was already sleep or pretending.  He kissed her cheek. And rolled over and went to sleep.  He woke up and looked at her. She was sleeping peacefully. He walked into the kitchen and got some orange juice out the refrigerator he poured some into the glass once he finished it he started to get some apple juice but decided against it because he knew if he drunk it all she would make him go get her some more. He  put the glass in the sink and turned around to see her standing behind him she stood there unsure of what to do. “you alright?” “yea im okay”  she looked down. “you comin with me today?” “I cant im getting my nails and feet done” “what time?” “2” he wondered why she didn’t ask him to come with her. “you can come with me I don’t have to be where im goin until about 5 maybe a little earlier.” she nodded. And stepped to the side so she can get around her. “baby?” she looked at him “yes?” “I love you.” she gave a weak smile and pretended to drink her juice. He left it alone and walked away. After he hopped out the shower he dressed his self and as she walked passed him he pulled her close. “can I have kiss?” she gently  pecked him on the lips. “no I want a real kiss.” she hesitantly leaned in and began to kiss him his arms went from her waist to her butt  and then he picked her up. The longer the kiss went on the more passionate it got.  She broke off the kiss with a deep sigh as she looked up into his eyes. “you iight?” “yea” she wrapped her legs tight around his waist as if telling him not to put her down yet. He held her tighter and kissed him a little more “I have to go take my shower” she said and he gently put her down. He watched her walk away from him. She rounded the corner and went into the bathroom. He watched tv on the couch while he waited for her too get ready. She came out about 45 minutes later he glanced up at her and asked “you ready?” “yes” she replied. He grabbed the keys and turned off the tv. She grabbed her purse and walked out the door and he followed.  When they arrived he sat in a chair and she gave him her purse and went straight to the lady to get her nails done. As he waited  he flipped through magazines and watched the movie that was playin in the shop. He looked over at kalia and watched as she interacted with everyone. She was a very kind peron as long as no one challenged her or pissed her off. He laughed to hisself at the thought of what happened when they were at the mall and how quickly she caught an attitude.  After about an hour she was finally finished and he paid and they left. Tired of the awkwardness between them he waited until they got in the car to say something. “kalia im tired of this shit” “what are you talkin about?” “you giving me the silent treatment actin lik you scared of me” she turned her head and looked out the window “see what I mean you cant even look at me. Look at me.” she ignored him once again “Kalia look at me” she continued to stare out the window and said “I don’t want to talk about it”  “well we goin to” she finally looked at him and  the look in his eyes sent chills down her spine she could tell he was getting angry and decided not to test him since her bruises still hurt. “talk to me” he calmly stated. “I already told you what happened you don’t believe me it sound lik im fuckin losin my mind but I know what I felt and saw” the desperate pleading look in her eyes told him she was serious and she wanted so bad for him to believe her. She looked into his eyes and saw how hard for him to even come to terms with what she said. She slowly put her head back on the head rest and closed her eyes. He slid his hand over her thigh  and brought his hand up to her face and traced his fingers along her jaw she opened her eyes and looked into his. “no matter what ma im gonna always love you. When you goin off about stupid shit and you get in your lil moods, when you screamin my name over and over (she bit her lip to keep from crying she didnt know why she wanted to cry but she did. He then licked his lips) when you look at me like you doin now ……your punk ass bet not cry” he smiled tenderly and she laughed as a tear slid slowly down her cheek and others followed. He got out the car and went over to the pasenger side opened the door and slid her around so her body was facing him. “baby you my rock, if your crazy ass think aliens abducted you and that’s their baby then im still gona love you, I may not 100% believe you but ima love you regardless of you bein crazy because I fell in love with you  and I accept all of you. You use to run games on niggahs memba dat shit” she laughed “ you use to use em for their money walk circles round dese niggahs yea I was hipp to you ma and I even told myself I probably throw you a lil somethin here and dere but when that attitude made itself known I was like Oh Hell No! I woulda been damned if you would talk to me lik dat and eventually you calmed down a little, durin the time it took me to get you that way I fell in love somewhere along the way even though we would cuss each other out every weekend and trying to make each other fail along the way and  You always startin shit with other females” he quickly put his finger up to her mouth to quiet her comment so he could continue “baby you aint gottah worry about none of em you here and they not I aint got eyes for nobody but you. On everything you got my heart and you know that shit. Aint no female eva layed up in my crib and   you up here livin in it. You know how I felt about relationships and you got me to commit it’s the most serious ive eva been and im new to it so flaw me for my mistakes but im trying my best babe I aint neva cheat on my wife and I neva  will believe that I aint got a reason to, look at us we aint perfect but I love it just the way it is. You aint gottah ask for money cuz I jus give it to you. You stress me out with shit like ‘oh you got me and some ova female pregnant’ (he said it in a voice mimicking her) but I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. As far as im concerned what I got is worth much more.” he gazed into her eyes and she gazed back still crying  he wiped a tear off her face “  my mova even love you and she dont usually like any of my female friends. don’t you ever question my love for you after what im about to do” she looked at him with questions forming on her tongue but before she could get any he said “ I was gonna wait later for this but after telling you everything like that now would be the perfect time” he smiled and kissed her lips as he slipped his hand in his pocket and took out a box. He then got down on his knee. “….baby, will you marry me?” she looked as if she was froze in place as tears rolled down her face faster and she looked from his eyes to his hand where the box was she didn’t remember when he opened it. But he did and the ring was stunning.  She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out  not sure what would have if she did. She tried again and a squeek of a voice came and she quickly shut her mouth. “you okay kalia? Babe you don’t have to if you don’t want to” he began to get up and she quickly jumped out the trucks seat and into his arms. He caught her as she breathlessly whispered yes and then repeated it numerous times. His heart felt like it leaped out of his chest and did a sommersalt and her response. He kissed her cheek she wrapped her legs around him and she began to cry. “baby you scarin me ma, what you crying so hard for yo got me worried. Wad it bad timing? Damn I knew I should have waited untill later!” “no” she whispered trying to keep her emotions under control “everything was perfect I love you so much!” he hugged her tight and she sank into his embrace as if needing this moment to carry on. “baby take me home” she bit her lip “and make love to me” he smiled “I can do that. I gottah get something from the store right quick come on” he gently put her down and slipped the ring on her finger “we gonnah seal it with a kiss?” she asked still bittin her lip he pulled her close  and kissed her so deep and tenderly she began to moan he was turning her on and making her wet. “you bettah stop cuz you know ill fuck you right here in front of your friends ova there” she looked over and saw everybody in the ail salon looking at them in awe. She backed up a bit “yea dats what I thought, come on” he grabbed her hand and shut the door to the truck. “where are we going?”  “to the store” “is my face red” and he looked at her and smiled “yes baby you know it is” he kissed her forehead. “I don’t want to go in then” “ ma you too beautiful for me not to show you off” he put his arm around her and she snuggled close after getting whipped cream, strwberries pineapples and honey from the store they left. While walking back to the car a lady that looked to be in her late 30’s  but still had a youthfull face approached them. They stopped walking when she stood in front of him. “ she is not crazy what she says has happened. You are no longer the person  you once were you are no longer the person you think you are.” they looked at her confusedly “your son will be powerful, greatness is bestowed upon him the gods will bless him he is the one our kind has waited so long for but you two must protect him from the other evils they will come soon after he is born.  they are not  your brothers don’t be fooled by their appearances. Your true brothers  wear this” she took the necklace from around her neck. It glowed ocean blue and green. “Now look at your face” . Kalia looked at his face it was the exact face she saw that night. He looked at her facial expression and she looked as if she would faint . He tried to grab her but she backed away. He looked in her eyes and saw it he quickly looked up into the stores window to see his reflection he saw his eyes. Those weren’t his eyes these eyes he didn’t know who they belong to. His mouth dropped open and he saw his fangs he ran his tongue over them. Not believing what was happening. He looked bac at the lady. She covered the necklace back up she wrapped it in a piece of cloth. She then gave it to kalia and said “don’t let him touch it its not safe for him right now ill let you know when its okay” “but..” “ he cant hurt you he never could and he never will. Ill be around” and then she disappeared.  They stared at each other and he  quickly pulled her into his arms. She didn’t resist this time. She felt as if she couldn’t move. She shook her head unable to speak. “do you believe me now?” finally finding her voice. He ignored her as he walked off with her hand in his they got to the truck got in and pulled off.  They rode in silence and when they got to the condo they got up and went into the condo. He put the food in the refridgerator and asked”you hungry?” she shook her head no “iight well ima see you later” she heard how distant his voice was “what you mean?” “ima see you later” he repeated not clarifying hisself “no, please don’t leave me alone” she said  he could sense how scared she was “ I cant stay around you” her  heart dropped “what are you talking about?” “ im dangerous I might hurt you” “no you wont she said you wouldn’t” “ just yesterday you was telling me how I was tryna bite you” “but you cant leave” he turned around and began to walk out the door but she ran toward him  and grabbed his hand. She started to panic “ but they said they would come for him. I cant protect us from whatever she was talking about she specifically locked her eyes on you when she said we have to protect him I cant do it by myself. I cant do it at all.” he looked down on her “please don’t leave me quan” he hated to hear her say his name with so much panic, and hurt in her voice. He closed the door she quickly hugged him. “ lets go lay down”  she obeyed and followed him into the bedroom and layed down. She put his hand on her stomach and rubbed it. “my son?” “apparently” “what we gonah name him?” “we naming him after you” “no I don’t want him to have my name I don’t like it” “what about Quazerha?” he laughed genuinely “no  and I hope you weren’t serious” after looking at her face and telling that she was he shook his head “okay well what about Xandyr?????” he looked over at her “I like that one” “really? Because I love it!” she said as she smiled.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lowered his head for a kiss while pulling her body closer. “quan baby don’t” she moaned and he ignored her and shook his head.  He kissed her so tenderly. He slipped her fingers down her panties and over her  clit. She continued to moan. He quickly took off her clothes and then took off his.  He looked into her eyes and held her stare  he slowly slid inside her  and pushed deep inside  “ow” he smiled but pulled out a bit and continued to deliver slow strokes to her. “Right there” she said when he hit her spot  “go faster”  so he did as he was told she was starting to squirm he put her leg over his shoulder to steady her and get a better angle  “Oh God” “nah babe its jus quan” he said as he smiled and made her come hard.  He felt her tense underneath him and she closed her eyes  and she saw it  men walking into the downstairs of her condo “wait. somebodys coming.” he stopped and looked at her she finally looked at him and said “im going to be sick” as she pushed him from on top of her. She ran into the bathroom and threw up. He came behind her and held her hair for her when she finished she rinsed her mouth out and then put on shorts and his t shirt “what are you doing?” he asked “somebodys coming put on your jeans im serious”  he did as she told him because the panicked look in her eyes told him something was up plus he sensed something he couldn’t tell what or how but he did. There was a knock at the door and they looked at each other. He saw the panicked look remained “calm down its okay ma its probably just pat”  even though he knew pat wasn’t supposed to come until tomorrow he went to the door and looked through the peephole there were men “who is it?” “dom” she tried to pull him away “please quan don’t answer it”  “ma calm down its okay. Alright nothings gonnah happen. Put on your big girl face” he teased as he ran the back of his hand gently down her face  he turned toward the door and opened it.  He looked at the men. “can I help you?” “im dom. Nice to finally meet you Q we’ve been waiting a long time for you to change. The mixed blood stalled it for quite some time” he sniffed the air and looked at her. The look in his eyes said it all. Usually men giving his girl looks didn’t bother him but for some reason he wouldn’t allow it from this guy. Dom smiled at her and that was almost his undoing. Before he could explode  dom said “im sorry I was never informed of you. May I ask who you are?” Quan stepped in front of her and he felt his fangs come retract from his gums “what do you want?” he asked trying to keep his temper under control he felt as if he was boiling with anger. Dom stepped back clearly frightned? Maybe surprised by his fangs. He couldn’t tell nor did he care to. Dom quickly regained his composure.  “we are your brothers” he looked at them trying to remember what the lady said about her brothers but couldn’t manage to because of his anger.  Then from behind him he heard her say “they don’t wear the necklaces” dom caught a glimpse of the girl again he started to look her up and down but his eyes settled on her legs. a growl tore from quans lips his voice got deeper and he felt  the little control he was beginning to gain quickly slip away. He looked down at the floor and closed his eyes. When he looked back up his eyes were once again ocean blue. She saw his arms start to tremble with what she could only guess was anger. His grip tightened on the door handle. The men stepped back.  He then turned to her and said “go into the room” she was about to argue against it  but the new him frightened her beyond word and she was afraid to argue against it. She left and when the door closed to the bedroom he quickly lunged for doms throat. When he caught he held him by his neck in a deathly grip. He then sad “leave from my home or ill kill him” to the others  they snarled at him and looked at each other “ you have 3 seconds or I snap his neck in two, ill let him go when you are out of the building” they looked at dom who was nodding his head profusely for them to go. They then left when he saw that the elevator was going down he loosened his grip. “the next time you look at my wife like that.. I’ll slit your fuckin throat understand”  dom quickly nodded his head. His grip tightened again dom felt as if his head would pop off “don’t come near us again” he then threw him to the other wall like he was a rag doll. He went back inside and closed and locked the door. He didn’t hear the door to the bedroom open. He slammed his fist into the wall and was about to do it again when he felt her hand on his arm. He stopped and looked down at her still angry he yanked his arm away. She flinched. He turned to her “are you afraid of me?” when she didn’t answer it was as if that was the push he needed over the edge and he yelled “how the fuck can you be afraid of me?” he battled with his self mentally as he saw the tears in her eyes spill over onto her cheeks “how the fuck could she be afraid of me?….im scarin her half to death yelling at her like im about to beat her ass what the fuck is wrong with me”  he quickly punched through the wall again and again “quan stop”  she said as she grabbed his arm once again. She could see the anger in his eyes “im makin you afaraid of me” he yelled trying to calm hisself “no im not” he felt as if with his anger he was fighting zeus and zeus was winning. “yes you are  you keep flinchin and shit like im about to..” his words trailed off as she kissed him passionately. He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her harder he roughly picked her up and slammed her against the wall. She moaned out in pain “sorry” he mumbled against her mouth as he continued to kiss her her legs wrapped around his waist and he pressed against her. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth felt his fangs she opened her eyes to look at him and he was staring at her his eyes still blue it creeped her out  but it turned her on more. She moaned when he started to grind against her.  He laid her on the floor and laid on top of her  and pulled her shorts off her and then ripped off the shirt she had on. She  slowly kissed him he then stood up and took off his jeans. He lifted her back into his arms and walked over to the counter and sat her on it. They kissed his fang grazed her lip and it began to bleed he tasted it. He grabbed her head and yanked it to the side she tensed and he kissed her neck.  Then softly bit it barely puncturing the skin. He licked the blood and groaned. He let go of her hair and was about to leave but she grabbed him  “whats wrong?” “your blood. I want it. Badly” she knew she was pushing it but she didn’t really care. She pulled him back to her and kissed him “I need you” was all she said and all he needed to hear before he thrust inside her. They both froze just savoring the moment. As they looked into each others eyes it was a mutual agreement that this was better than all the other times. They didn’t know why. He thought it was just that they were both high off adrenaline . He thrust in as deep as he could and began to grind. She put her head to his neck and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. “quan right there don’t move” he did it harder and she came.  He picked her up and layed her on the floor without pulling out of her. She pushed against him and he began to stroke her. Slowly then faster she was moaning uncontrollably her pussy was soaking and he was extra hard. It seemed as if his dick was bigger but it must have been the way he was pushing so deep inside her and the angle he was fuckin her from. He had one leg over his shoulder and was hitting her spot and it felt amazing.  She lost count of the number of times she came. He started to moan. “don’t stop baby” he deep stroked it. “aaahh wait stop” she tried to push him back but he grabed her hands and held them together “stop quan lemme go” she whined he laughed. “im serious”  “nah cant do dat” “fuck you” his eyebrows arched “you really think you should talk to me that way right now?” she rolled her eyes and mumbled curses under her breath. With one hand he held her hands down and with the other he grabbed her hip and slammed into her. She screamed out and he kept thrusting in and out of her. She struggled to free her hands but she couldn’t. “baby let my hands go please” she moaned  as she continued to try to free her hands. He kissed her as he ignored her request. “please baby” he let them go as he thrust harder into her she wrapped her arms around him  as she tried to get a grip onto something but ended up scratching his back up. She bit into his shoulder. He loved her so much. He bent his head down to her neck and was about to bite her back when he saw the faint bite marks and realized his teeth were still out and he changed his mind. As if she could hear what he was thinking she said “bite me” he abruptly stopped and looked down at her as if she had lost her mind. “no” “bite me quan”she said as she started to grind against his dick. “no im not going to bite you”  she looked into his eyes “I want you to” “no”  since all he would say was no she decided to go another route.  She rolled her eyes at him. “don’t do that” “get off me” he stared at her and she said “get off me quan”  he shook his head no and continued to stare. She noticed his eyes were brown and not blue. “get the fuck off me” “who you talkin to like that?” “ fuck you” she saw his rage that he was trying to calm “you need to calm down” “fuck you what are you gonnah do”  he closed his eyes and started to count backwards from 10 “if I stayed with jace this would’ve never happened. I would’ve never got pregnant with this thing in my stomach. I would’ve never had to deal with him treating me like im some piece of meat. he treated me like I was his everything. He respected me. He never cheated on me.” “I didn’t fuckin cheat on you” when he opened his eyes they were blue again. She smiled to her self on the inside “get off me” she tried to push him off but he didn’t budge . She tried to squirm from under him but he held her in place. “I am leaving. Now get off me” “your not going anywhere” “im going over deans house. If I would’ve just left when I was suppose to most of this wouldn’t have happened. Now get off” he closed his eyes again. “no” “fuck you!”she tried once more to get from under him but she couldn’t move. With his eyes still closed he smirked “bitch” she then dug her nails into his back trying to send him over the edge. He opened his eyes and growled viciously. It startled her but she was determined not to let it show his words echoed throughout her mind “put on your big girl face”  she dug her nails in deeper. He tried to keep hisself under control but she knew how to push his buttons. He started to shake “bite me baby” he looked down at her  he shook his head. But when she dug her nails in as deep as she could and dragged them down his back. He lost it. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head to the side and bit her. She wrapped her legs around his waist  and he started to thrust deep while he drank her blood.  He drank a little and stopped afraid of if he continued he wouldn’t be able to. He licked her neck where he bit her as she moaned his named over and over. “Airianna I love you so much baby”  “I love you too quan” she came over and over again. When they finished quan picked her up and  layed her on the bed. She sighed and opened her arms to him. He layed next to her and pulled her close to him. “Airianna im sorry” she looked at him confused “about what?” “everything. You were right if I didn’t ….” she stopped him “no. don’t be. I was saying all that to get you to bite me” his eyes narrowed at her and she saw the anger coming back into his eyes. She didn’t think she could pull off a ‘big girl face’ right now she was too exhausted mentally and physically. “baby please don’t be mad at me. Everything I said was completely untrue. I never liked jace the way I love you. And our baby isn’t a thing and never will be he’s our son I might not know exactly what he is but he’s still our son.  Baby I love you more than anything and even though this may not have been how I pictured my life as long as were together I don’t care” he closed his eyes out of anger for the fourth time tonight. “stop it. Look at me” he wouldn’t open his eyes. She kissed him and he opened his eyes. “please don’t be mad at me” he grabbed her and pulled her back against him. Her back to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. “baby don’t be mad” “shut up and goto sleep arianna.” she smiled and snuggled into his warmth. She felt so at peace with him. He kissed her neck “goodnight ma” “night baby”. His eyes flew open. Someone was near.  He looked over at arianna . Her eyes flew open. “she’s coming. Someone is here though. A man. He’s in the kitchen….waiting” he looked into his eyes  “stay in here”  “no. I think he knows me” she said confused he looked at her “stay behind me”  she got up and quickly threw on some panties  some sweatpants and a t shirt. He threw on some jeans and a shirt.  He opened the door to his room. He went into the dark living room. His eyes adjusted to the room without moon light shining through like it was in their room she couldn’t see anything. She grabbed the back of his shirt as a guide and he reached back and grabbed her hand. “it’s about time you sensed something” I had to think about killing someone. You need to improve on that.” they rounded the corner to the kitchen. She knew that voice she couldn’t place it but she definitely knew it. Quan turned the light on. She looked at the man his dark curly hair hung just above his eyes.  Dressed in jeans a black leather jacket  and black boots. He was some type of Spanish. He had a helmet sitting on the counter away from the spot wher just hours ago she sat while quan and her fucked. “how did you get in here?” “of all questions you asked me that. If I wanted to kill you you’d be dead by now. I would have if she didn’t need you.” his fangs shot out of his gums. “don’t dare test me young one. Those wolves might be scared of you but you are no match for an old necromancer as my self.” quans eyes turned blue arianna squeezed his hand “what do you want?” “It has nothing to do with you. I need to speak with Vic” he felt ariannas hand tense in his “what does it have to with us” “im vic” said arianna. He saw the confusion in his eyes “my father was the only person who would call me that vic short for victoria”  her middle name “smart girl. I always knew you would be smart.” “how do I know you’re my father?” she replied still behind  quan. He smiled “do you remember what I told you the day I had to leave?” “yes” she said her eyes getting watery “I said  vic you have a special gift  I want you to use it for good. And no matter what you hear about me never let it influence your  love for me. You are the one and only lady in my life. don’t forget princess vic. Daddy will always be there for you no matter what even when you think im not. And what did I give you vic?” “you tell me” she said her love for this man turning to ice “a locket with our picture in it” quan looked at the chain around her neck. Knowing he was telling the truth. Tears spilled down her cheek. “you lied. You were never there” she turned to walk away and he grabbed her arm. Quan quickly gripped his and her father turned to him “back off mut” he said as he effortlessly caused his blood vessels in his head to pop over and over again. Quan dropped to the floor his hands on his head a gutural scream tore from his mouth. Airianna pushed her father “stop it” she dropped down beside him  he stopped. “vic listen to me I didn’t want to leave you but they would find you if I didn’t they would kill you if I they found out you were alive your too much of a threat. But I saw you every birthday  and I was the proudest father on earth when you graduated. I know you heard me. You weren’t losing your mind vic it was me” she looked up at him. He looked down grimacing at quan “you weren’t supposed to even know him. I don’t know how you slipped past my radar mut but if she wasn’t with child I would kill you slowly and make you my slave.” “why would I be a threat?  Im not like you”  he turned his attention back to her “but you are your power is greater than mine your mother is a witch. And I’m a necromancer.  Your power is great. And this child’s power will be even more powerful than you can imagine.” “im not the only one like this. Its not possible” “but you are that’s why your mother never exposed you to magic because if you were exposed you would have brought danger upon yourself and others. there are very few necromancers left and naturally necromancers don’t get along with others not their kind. Witches especially its impossible for anything to mate with a witch because of their blood spell that was used many centuries to go to stop anything like this from happening their blood is fatal to vampires warewolves, necromancers whatever its fatal. But somehow it wasn’t fatal to me. They say my parents used to get a warlock to cast many protection spells on me when I was a baby I guess it worked out because im still here. Well I didn’t know she was a witch untill she told me. And that’s when I told her what I was  she stayed away from me untill she found out she was pregnant then we knew it was dangerous. Everything was fine until you were  5 we realized you were coming into your powers little stuff like turning the light on without touching it and opening and closing doors. We realized how quick you were coming into your powers when you started starting fires. Fire is the most difficult to master it took your mom years to even start to try to master it. We knew we had to keep you from your powers so we started by telling you not to use it at all. Which you did but around 6 that’s when you started having nightmares of ghost and zombies. You were resurrecting them. We lived about 2 miles from a graveyard. We talked to your grandmother and her and your mother cast a power binding spell on you but I had to leave one because the effect of me having so much power around you was what was causing you to come into your powers so quickly. Second because after the you resurrecting the dead bodies thing I was the only necromancer around. Me and your mom weren’t married so they didn’t suspect me as your father they didn’t know they were seeing each other.  They came after me so I had to leave. That’s also the reason why you had to move away from your grandmother. Too much power it was influencing yours. Your mother had to stop using it. It killed her inside but she wouldn’t jeopardize you . But now that you moved out she dabbles in it. They still have people after me but they cant keep up with me. And if you don’t believe me call your mom or grandma. But I  have a feeling that you do. Can I have a hug now vic?” he smiled as she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him. “I missed you so much vic” quan interjected “well why are you here now? She hasn’t come into her powers” “yes she has. Your power is influencing hers. And the babys power…. Im wondering why your not starting fires when your angry or raising armys and  seeing ghosts on a regular. She has too much power right now. And shes never learned how to use her original powers. I don’t know what this child is capable of but I don’t know if she can handle it. She’s been having visions. She knows that something is a threat to her so shes been having visions of the present and the future of threats to the ones she loves.” he scowled at quan. “I don’t like you and when I thought about killing you that’s when she had the vision of me. I swear to you if anything happens to her. I will be your undoing.”  quan let a growl tear from his lips again “ you sure you wanna  test me again”  “stop it. Someones at the door” she said “your senses arnt the greatest are they?”  he said to quan. he ignored him as he looked out the peephole and he opened the door the lady stepped over the thresh hold “Ivan you’ve beaten me here I see” “and she still lives. One day I might have to kill you my self” “and risk me terrorizing you for all eternity I don’t think you would do that” “I think im going to be sick” she ran to the bathroom and threw up quan went after her. “I knew she was yours. You look like twins. I doubted it though because I didn’t sense her magic” “I guess sense is not a great ability for your kind because my blood courses through her veins” he said with a smirk “I can definitely sense it now. They have to leave. Its not safe here for them. They have to be taught the ways” “ My daughter wont be around your kind” “well who else is going to protect her. You never stuck around” “he will be raised to kill your kind” she was about to  retort with another comment when a scream tore through the condo. Ivan was at his daughters side in a flash. “I don’t know whats wrong with her she just kept saying she wont leave me alone” said quan. His daughter ran beside him trying to get behind him “make her go away! Please daddy!” he grabbed her shoulders and looked into her eyes “calm down” she continued to squirm trying to get behind him “Vic! Calm down!” she stopped but continued to shake “look at her and tell her to go away” “please just stop her dad” “ No. you have to do it or you wont learn. Stand right here in fron of me and tell her to go away. Stay calm she cant hurt you” he turned her around and when she opened her eyes the ghost stood right in front of her in her face” she jumped back but the solid force behind her prevented her from moving “its okay. Now tell her” he said. Quan and liz stood watching them not able to see the ghost but knowing it was there. “go away”  her voice trembled. “keep your voice stern vic. Take a deep breath and tell her again” she did as she was told. With her eyes closed she said “Go Away.”  when she opened her eyes the ghost was gone. “Good. Took me forever to learn to do that. But you must have thought about something for her to appear to you like that” “but I wasn’t” “but you did” liz interjected “what makes you think that she did”  “because liz I know” “how?” “because she was out their with us. If you must know she was trying to talk to me. And when she appeared to vic she stood their waiting… waiting for vic to command her to do something” liz didn’t comment. “what were you thinking vic?” “nothing. I don’t know. Everything” “what were your exact thoughts vic?” “after I threw up I hated quan for doing this to me  and I was angry I felt like I was trapped and I needed help.” quan looked at her “you feel trapped by me?” “no I just. I just I feel like I don’t know” she said “calm down vic you could bring her back”  she looked at quan as he stared at her and she was about to say im sorry when her father said “don’t you dare apologize to that mutt”  quan turned his stare to her father “keep out of it” “don’t challenge me mutt”  liz said “quan why don’t you come with me. Ill teach you how to do some things and airianna can learn some things from her father” quan looked at airianna and pullled her into his arms. “ airianna I love you. If you feel trapped you don’t have to stay here if you don’t want. As long as you have somewhere safe to stay I wont mind.” he kissed her and went into the living room. She led her father into the bedroom. “how do I control it?” was the first question she asked “until you learn how to you have to keep your emotions under control lots of things can be triggered by your emotions.” “whats the easiest thing to learn?” “lets tart with some hard stuff since you already know how to send them back. Lets try looking for a spirit. Anyone in mind?” “no” “would you like to meet your grandma. My mother?” she smiled but it faded “will she be like the other one that was just here. He laughed  “no” “alright” “her name is amellia  de luca you can think it or say her name aloud. But concentrate its going to feel like your pulling her just concentrate.” so she did. Dhe silently said her name in her head she felt the pull “that’s it vic. Open your eyes and see what your doing” she did and she saw the faint outline of the body “keep pulling vic” so she did and finally she was there in front of her staring at her with an angry look “who are you? And what do you want?” “im airianna.” Ivan stepped from behind the spirit to beside airianna. “mother. Its your granddaughter” airianna looked into the womans eyes. And the woman smiled but it faded “ what is she?” “she is half witch ma” she looked at her son “no something else is their” “she is with child. A powerful son. Ware wolf and vamp” it was airiannas turn to look at him confused. “witches blood wont allow it” “but it has mom look at her” “she’s dangerous Ivan” airianna felt rejected by the grandmother she never knew. “what did you use to say about dangerous people mom?” he said smiling Amelia looked up from the girl in front of her to her son “they’re  the best type.” she smiled as she looked upon her grand daughter. Airianna smiled back. “she pulled you through on her first try mom and she did it in her head. She didn’t say one thing aloud” “im proud to say that my blood runs through her veins you must summon me when the child is born. When is it due?” “I don’t kn..”arianna stopped when her father said “within the the next 2 weeks. You never know with vamps” “well don’t forget about me darling. Now can you push me back through” “okay airianna now concentrate and try to give her a little shove through” she looked at him “okay” she did as she was told when she opened her eyes she was gone. “I am going to teach you one other thing. Its how to raise the dead. Its dangerous that’s why im not going to let you try it yet but I will tell you in case your in danger. You have to truly concentrate. You have tell them to come to you. To come through the barrier that is keeping them from earth and their bodies. Once you have done that you must control them tell them what to do and they will do it. And to send them back you do the same thing with your grandmother. Understand?” she nodded yes. He smiled and kissed her forehead “what do you mean the baby will be born within the next two weeks?” she asked nervously “liz didn’t tell you?” she shook her head no he sighed “vamps regenerate quickly. So the baby is growing quickly you have to remember its not a normal child.”he saw the worried look in her eyes “stay calm vic remember what I told you. We are gonnah be here for you. So stay calm” “im tired” was her only reply “alright goodnight sweetheart ill see you next time” “wait you cant go” “calm down your bringing them forward. Their sensing your panick” she closed her eyes. “if you don’t want me to I wont leave ill stay here” “thank you. You can sleep on the couch” “what about quan?” quan came through the door “absolutely not. Hes not staying here” “yes he is.” “im sorry babe but he cant” “he will” “I said no” “I don’t give a fuck about what you say’ she yelled “dammit vic what did I tell you about your emotions. Look at me okay. don’t look around. Close your eyes and send them away. Say the words” she did as she was told. “okay good. Its okay now” she opened her eyes. “can I talk to quan alone dad?” he got up and left out the room. Closing the door behind him “I need him here. There is stuff happening to me that I don’t understand. I freak out when I see them.  He helps me I need him here. I mean what am I going to do when you cant tell me what to do let alone see them!” he looked into her eyes “I don’t like him.” “hes my dad” he rolled his eyes heavenward “whatever im going to sleep” he said as he laid down “thank you baby” she went into the living room and saw her father with his jacket off and comfortable on the couch she got a blanket from the closet and gave it to him “I would’ve stayed even if he had said no. I wouldn’t leave you here with him” she smiled inwardly to herself wondering why she still felt such a powerful connection after all these years. She felt as if she had grown up wit him around all her life. “why do I feel as if you never left? Like I grew up with you around me… and I couldn’t even remember what you looked like” “it’s a witch thing. It has something to do with strong family bonds. you’ll have to ask your mother because honestly I barely have a clue about most of it. Its too damn confusing.”  she looked at him  wanting to give him a hug feeling the need to. But it didn’t seem right to. “well goodnight.” she said awkwardly after a while “goodnight vick”  he grabbed her hand as she turned around and pulled her to him. He kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly. She smiled into his chest as she wrapped her arms around him. “Love you vick.” “love you too dad” he slowly released his hold on her and let her go. She turned away and walked back to her bedroom. She closed the door behind her. 

The End

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