Part 2 "What the fu-"Mature

Aya stared at the bubbling woman who was crying too much for her liking, she didn't like people crying. Especially a strong woman like Yui who wouldn't take any crap from anyone and yet here she was crying her eyes out over a friend. Aya had to get her to stop.

"Hey. Come on now... It's alright." Aya said then  moved to touch Yui who suddenly let go of the door frame and clung to her. Yui was sobbing and was whimpering words that Aya could only make out as 'Mako I miss you please come back'. Aya didn't know what to do with her, Yui was clinging quite tightly and her head was burried into her shoulder. It wasn't that she couldn't push her away... It was if she wanted to. Could she bare the thought of pushing a woman who just lost her love away?

"Yui. Let's get you to bed before you fall asleep on the floor." Aya said then patted her back. Yui whimpered again and nodded against her neck slightly while still clinging on, she didn't get the hint of that was the time to let go of her. She couldn't. She couldn't bare the thought. What if Aya was killed too? She'd be alone. Why was she thinking this? Did she care about Aya? Yui inhaled the scent of lavender from Aya's clothes and her grip around her waist tightened.

Aya winced when the grip tightened and she let out a small squeak, if Yui squeazed any more she'd pop. She took Yui's shoulders and slightly pushed to motion her to let go but Yui only stuck back to her and whimpered. She was like a baby Koala  clinging to its mother, Aya pulled a face that read 'For God sake' and she let Yui cling to her. She wasn't going to let go any time soon. A hot breaze was blown over her neck, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

"Chief." Yui breathed again against her neck, it was hot against her skin. Aya didn't know what to do, she wanted her to let go but now she was frozen in what Yui was doing.

"Bed." Aya said bluntly in her chief tone of voice and felt Yui ease away from her neck and Aya felt relaxed again. Yui let go of her and looked at her eyes, she walked behind Aya and wraped an arm around her waist and pulled her close.

"Yui! What the fu-" Aya felt Yui's breath against her neck again, only this time it was hotter as if her mouth was closer to her neck. Yui's nose brushed over her neck and Aya winced when she tried to pull away but Yui was stronger. Lips brushed over her neck and she moaned slightly, her blue eyes looked back at Yui who pulled back from her neck.

"Chief." Yui moaned into her slightly and Aya frowned quietly while shaking away a blush and looked back at her, about to speak to tell her to stop. A finger ran down her neck and ran over her chest where it stopped and the hand lightly grasped her breast. Aya yelled  in reaction and turned around to slap Yui to snap her out of it.

Yui caught her hand and looked at her lightly while lightly pushing her against the wall and placed her knee between Aya's legs so she couldn't escape, Yui pinned Aya's hand against the wall and placed her hand on the other side of Aya's head while leaning forwards. Aya's spare hand moved forwards quickly and splayed out on Yui's shoulder, trying to push her back but it was too late. Yui's hot lips were against her warm lips. Aya didn't know what to do.

She closed her eyes and moved her lips slightly, Yui moaned against her lips and moved her knee slightly. Aya realized what was going on and quickly and moved her head to the side to break the hot kiss. She pushed Yui away from her and shuddered quietly while leaning against the wall, it was sensational. It felt wrong. That kiss was meant for Mako.

"Yui. Go to bed." Aya said sharply in her chief voice and Yui wandered off to the bedroom without a word. Yui didn't show any guilt about the kiss, in fact she was quite giddy about it. Aya stepped in the door frame of the bed room and saw Yui crawl into bed fully clothed then curled up like a child.

Aya half expected her to cry, but within a few minutes, snoring could be heard and Yui had fallen to sleep.

"Shit." Aya muttered to herself while licking her lips and tasted the alcohol Yui had drank. Bitter but with an underlying taste of sweet. Aya heard whimpering from Yui's bedroom once more.

"Is she crying again?"

The End

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