Love after LoveMature

This is a Fan fiction of Lux Pain, based after events of Mako's death (Rest in Peace Mako D:) There will be spoilers so if you're playing the game, I wouldn't recommend reading this in case I ruin it for you.

Part 1:

Yui sat at the bar alone, why did she have to go? Why Mako? She held the glass in her right hand and swirled the liquid inside, the glass was brought up to her lips and she finished off the last of the alcohol. She wished that she had SILENT now, she could have been with Mako forever. Yui loved Mako and Mako loved her too.

"Mako..." Yui whispered to herself and raised her hand lightly to the bar man who filled up her glass again. He walked away from the orange haired woman sat at the bar. She looked down at the alcohol in the glass, it was now going to her head, she felt abit sick but Yui didn't care. She brought the glass to her lips and sipped the alcohol once more, the bitter taste filled her mouth but she didn't care, Yui liked it bitter. She was the only one at the bar at this time at night as it was quite expensive, but the alcohol was good here.

The door to the bar opened and the blue haired chief of police stepped inside, Yui lifted her head when she felt a hand on her shoulder, who was this? She glanced at the person and noticed her as Aya, her boss.

"I think you've drank enough." Aya said lightly then Yui looked forwards again and drank the rest of her glass. That had tipped her over the edge and now she started to speak her mind, what could have went wrong.

"You can't tell me what to do." Yui slurred while raising her hand to the bar man who served her again and she gulped it down, Aya sighed slowly. She knew how close Mako and Yui were but now Mako was dead and Yui was depressed, her force was falling apart once more. This had been the strong woman she was once tied to when the whole police force turned on them because of SILENT, but now she was just a quivering child that just needed someone to hold it's hand. As Yui raised her hand for another glass, Aya snatched it and dragged her out of the seat.

"No more for you." Aya said sharply while dragging the drunk ginger home. Yui stumbled with Aya and looked at her quietly while smiling,  Aya was so strong and brave. Yui looked at her hand which was squeezed in Aya's grasp, obviously to stop her from running back to the bar to kill off her liver with alcohol. They walked outside of Yui's appartment and Aya grabbed the keys from Yui's pocket and opened the door. 

"Get inside." Aya said sharply then Yui wandered inside and she followed after her then closed the door. The place looked like a shit hole, everything was everywhere. A pair of pink panties hung over the back of the sofa, a thong hung from the ceiling fan and Aya looked up at it quietly.

"What the hell happened here..." Aya muttered then looked at Yui who was leaning in the door frame, hugging onto it slightly. Her cheek was pressed against it and she looked as if she was going to fall asleep, Aya walked over to her then winced when Yui burst out crying.

The End

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