Jamie and Karen get it on permanentlyMature

A flutter of something exciting and vibrant flashed in her chest, ever-so-briefly, like a pleasurable twisting in her lungs which made her want to breathe deeply to steady herself or else she might pass out. A world of sexual possibilities opened up before her imagination and a wave of heat bloomed inside her and coursed through her body. All at once tidal and raging yet slow and smoldering; her libido set to “Simmer.” Was she blushing? Like a gawky teenager? Oh my God, she thought, I hope I don't swoon. Please don't swoon. Fainting would completely kill the mood right now.

Jamie came to her then and kissed her, right there in the hallway. The lust-filled scenarios in her head had him wrapping his muscular arms around her and sweeping her off her feet as his mouth eagerly sought hers, then throwing her, giggling, onto the bed in a magnificent display of naked passion. But in reality his actions were tender, intimate. His lips gently touched hers and opened slightly, inviting hers to reciprocate. The room pulsed at the periphery of her vision, and for an awkward moment Karen thought she really might drop to the floor, unconscious, but instead she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed back – with a little more urgency than she had intended, which embarrassed her. Which in turn caused her to giggle self-consciously. Jamie assumed the giggle indicated she was having fun, so he smiled around her lips and let out a little chuckle too.

And suddenly all doubt was gone. Karen pressed deeply into Jamie's kiss and felt the density of his chest overwhelm her. He placed each hand at her hips and picked her up over his head. She nearly hit her head on the top of the bedroom door frame, and it only served to amp up her giddiness. She braced her hands at his shoulders and looked down at his perfect face. And then the strangest thing happened: she smiled. The biggest, happiest smile that could possibly stretch across her mouth. For the first time in years, since the early days of her marriage, she felt wanton hunger. She felt JOY.

Jamie seemed to pick up on her playfulness and he engaged her accordingly, moving his mouth around the corner to her ears and nipping and giggling as he twirled her around the room. Karen was intoxicating, and he was drunk on her presence. She worked her hands under his shirt and managed to get it up and over his head, let it drop to the floor somewhere behind her as the kisses intensified. Suddenly her own shirt was off and tossed away; she did not remember doing that herself, yet Jamie's hands remained at her hips the whole time. It must have been the magic of the moment. She sighed huskily and looked down into Jamie's dancing eyes. The warmth in her belly shifted slightly, moved lower, and she growled with pleasure.

Jamie was so focused on Karen's intent gaze that he lost his bearings in the guest room, and forgot about the throw rug beside the bed. Until one of his heels got caught up on the edge and he lost his balance. There was a moment of vertigo, but Jamie couldn't use his arms to regain his balance, so instead he kept Karen safely wrapped in his arms as they both tumbled to the floor.

The End

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