Lucy has had a very bad nightMature

Jamie awkwardly picked up his clothes and mumbled a “Good night” to Karen before returning to his own bedroom to finish undressing. He emptied his pockets and then tossed his pile of clothes into the hamper beside the open door to the master bath, which he entered and flipped on the light. He brought the shower to a steaming sizzle and walked in with a sigh. Nothing better than a good hot shower to end one's day, in his estimation. He squirted a tiny dab of shampoo into his short blond hair and thought about the interesting Karen as he lathered and rinsed, thought some more about her as he cleansed the rest of his body, and was still thinking about her as he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into his bedroom, where his phone was ringing atop his nightstand. He didn't know how many times it had rung before he finally heard it, so he hurried over and snatched it from the tabletop before he missed the call. He read the displayed name and swiped his wet finger across the screen to open the line.

Bob,” he said and walked to his dresser, “what's up?”

Hey,” Bob replied on the other end, “do you remember the girl we picked up with Selina the other night?”

Lucy,” Jamie nodded, “they've been friends from way back.”

Uh-huh. Close?”

Mmmmm, not as close as they used to be. You know how high school is; people sometimes drift apart. What's this about?”

I've got her in the back of my Jeep right now.”


Because I damn near hit her a few moments ago, J.”

Oh my God.”

Yeah,” Bob went on, “she was lying in the middle of the road, in complete darkness.”

Jesus. Where?” Jamie's “Cop Blood” was beginning to pump, and he dropped the towel and walked to the closet for a quick change of comfortable clothes.

She was on Lendenning St, way out by the Husker farm. I tell ya, bud, if I didn't have my high beams and fog lights on, I woulda nailed her. She was right at the center line.”

Jamie held the phone between his shoulder and his ear so he could pull on a pair of navy BDU-style pants with both hands, “Is she okay? Is she hurt? High? Drunk?”

Bob's voice was muffled slightly as he turned his head to look into his backseat while he spoke, “Maybe all three. I don't know. But Jamie?”

Jamie pulled the a dark Under Armour top over his torso and put the phone back to his face, “Yeah, Bob?”

Somebody beat the shit out of her.”

The End

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