The danger heightens the moment, and they return to action immediatelyMature

Oh my God, are you all right?” Jamie asked, Karen's near-toplessness temporarily forgotten. He was worried about a concussion or broken arm, however her body became like liquid wrought iron beneath him, and she wrapped her legs around his torso with superhero-like power and pulled him tightly against her body. She gasped and rapid-fire kissed him as if it were a race. The fine stubble around his chin seemed only to invigorate her sense of touch within her sensitive skin and breathed new life into her hot, wet lips. She kissed him again, slower this time, and with a purpose. Her mouth urged his to open, and she quickly darted her tongue along his teeth. It was a carefully choreographed dance of cat-and-mouse and as one tongue chased the other before retreating once again. Sometimes the dance was delicate and at others it was firm. Karen felt her throat constrict with pleasure and she grinned when Jamie's manly arms wrapped around her torso like two boa constrictors and lifted her rump from the floor.

The connection between them was strong, and the urge for sex overpowered Jamie's rational mind. He was so caught up in Karen; every movement of her lithe body beneath him, the light scent of her shampoo which mixed with a little sweat along her hairline, and the playfully predatory way she growled and purred as she kissed him. She was a jungle cat on the prowl and Jamie willfully accepted his place as her prey. His tongue found her ear, and he grinned inwardly when he felt her body go limp in his arms.

Karen was surprised at how easily she had lost control. One minute she was initiating the pace and the flow of the kisses, and the next his tongue ran a delicious white hot trail along the back of her jawline to her ear and she melted. Physically turned to pudding in his grasp. His tongue was a lightning rod which sent a current of explosive desire running through every fiber of her body and her mind was made. She wanted him. Right there on the floor. Her blood was boiling and she didn't think they would make it to the bed anyway. She wanted to get naked and set fire to his bedroom.

Jamie was over her and powerfully kissing those soft wet lips of hers, which were plump from the increased blood flow of the activity of making out. It was fun and exciting, and for one brief moment he was back in high school again. Only this time with a teacher! She rose up suddenly, driving his lips back against his teeth, and used only her arms and abs to lift the bulk of his weight to an upright position. Somewhere in the back of his head he was amazed at how strong this woman must be, and his mouth was suddenly interested in much more than just her lips. He worked himself down past her pulsating throat, paused briefly at her clavicles – which made her breath catch inside her, and continued on down to her bra. She already brought one hand up behind her to unclasp it, and used the other to pull it away and onto the floor beside them. The coolness of the room proved to be an exciting shock to her flaming hot skin, and she imagined steam rising from her nipples and her temperature crested triple digits. She sighed and attacked Jamie's belt, which was no match for her need, and soon it was tossed aside somewhere near her bra. The feeling of his skin was electric as he pressed his solid pecs against her while she unbuttoned his trousers.

Suddenly he realized that her pants were off, and both of his hands were holding on to her ass through a pair of lacy, feminine boy shorts which were so sexy on her that they might have been custom made specifically for Karen's body. Indeed she did have a muscular tummy, he now saw, and he hunkered down to kiss there as well.

The End

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