Crazy, Confusing Nights.

  I felt the cold, humid air hit my skin as I stepped out the old, retro like cinema. It was obvious that it had just rained, clouds still somewhat covering the bright full moon that shined through. I looked to my left to see some stores connected to the cinema, the same to my right. Across the street was a small, family owned gas station. The older roads had puddles on the sides and nearly dangerous potholes.

  Despite Miko's bad taste in movies, some crappy horror movie about a couple girls in the woods being murdered but what looked like... a balding bear with rabies? Okay, despite that, I had a great time, I was given a lot of candy and kind gestures. This was obviously a date, cause when I say kind gestures, I mean Miko flirting with me like a boy in most chick flicks. Yes, I watch chick flicks, I live with a thirteen year old girl and a single mom in her mid thirties, what do you expect?

  I felt someone come from behind me, two hands gripping my shoulders. I had to make sure Miko didn't expect me to be gay, not yet. I need to know if I was falling for him and I wasn't sure yet. I can't lie though, the way I feel about him... I've never felt anything like it before. Though, I needed to set my boundaries. Now.

  "Listen, Miko..."

  "Shut up, now," 

  I felt something large and hard ram into the middle of my back. The voice, it wasn't Miko's. No way in hell. It wasn't as deep, a bit scratchy, and obviously having an Italian accent.

  I flew towards the ground and my face smashed into a puddle, a light splash could be heard as I tasted the warm, metallic flavor of blood seep into my mouth. I felt two hands run down my hips until they reached my pockets. I turned my head to the side, my hair drenched in water as the man pulled his hands out, my spare money most likely going along with them. I only had ten bucks so the joke was really on him.

  What really was unfortunate was that the streets and cinema was empty, the only thing illuminated being the gas station which had a store clerk staring in surprise. I growled slightly in a mix of anger and fear.

  "Only ten bucks? You're what, fourteen?" The man that I still couldn't see growled.

  "Fifteen, dumbass"

  The man gave me a firm kick in the stomach and a weak whimper left my lips. I then heard a small click and then I was kicked again, causing me to roll over on my back.

  The man was about three inches taller than me and had a heavy set, balding on the top of his head and greying hair slicked back on the sides. He wore a black hoodie and denim jeans. The source of the clicking sound, a pistol staring down at me.

  "Go to hell..." He muttered.

  "Meet you there."

  I just had to open my big mouth. Though I tried to hide it, I was terrified. I felt beads of water roll down my cheeks as I closed my eyes, waiting for my life to end before I even hear the bullet break through the barrel.

  Then, a loud howl was heard, just feet away, followed by a loud scream, then a thud. My eyes fluttered open. Me being the stupid person that I am, I automatically thought of the movie I just saw. I quickly sat up, panting as I assumed the struggle for my life wasn't over yet.

  I stared at a dog like animal, long and bony with pointy ears and dark brown fur. A coyote. 

  It was tearing out the man's throat, his legs kicking for life as gunshots roared in different directions, causing me to yell in surprise but luckily me nor the animal were hit as the man's legs soon went from kicking to twitching and his grip on the gun soon loosened. The animal kept tearing at the man's neck as I stared in shock for what seemed like hours but was only a minute at most.

  The man's throat had been eaten clean off by then, causing his head to roll a few feet from his body, his face staring at me, that petrified look frozen on his face. That's when I was brought back to reality and screamed, causing the animals ears to perk up and its head slowly turned, it's eyes staring into mine.

The End

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