'Somethings wrong, when you regret, things that haven't happened yet,"                                                                          - '1940' by The Submarines

  "Miko... what are you doing here? Most of my stalkers are creepy and above the age of forty," I teased as I leaned in the doorway.

  "A stalker is also someone you don't want following you," He countered with a chuckle.

"May I come in?" He asked with a soft grin on his face.

  Little did I know how much this decision would impact both our lives.

  "Sure, my mom's at work and my sister's at a friend's so don't worry about bothering anyone," I smiled in a friendly manner.

  He stepped inside, walking past me as his gaze looked straight ahead. He looked as calm as he usually did. He reached the dark green, large couch, sitting casually with his elbows on his knees and his chin laid on the top of his knuckles, his eyes following me as I sat on the couch across from him.

  He was the only person I couldn't read, even after a year of learning psychology. It intrigued me but don't be mistaken, it takes a lot for someone to raise my interest in them romantically.

  "So I brought the papers..." Miko said with a grin.

  "Really?!" I hopped up and ran over, examining them.

  It was the history of therapy methods as promised by Miko.

  You see, we had to do a project on the history of therapy and psychology theories. Miko didn't usually do his work but he knew my passion for psychology. We've only known each other for a week and it seems that he wasn't very selfish when it came to group work. I looked at Miko and gave a bright smile.

  "Thank you Miko,"

  "Well, I need to at least pass the class," He laughed. "Anyways, do you want to go see a movie?"

  A movie? This is a date... it has to be.

  Okay, so there is one situation where I would reveal my sexuality to someone. If I were to fall in love with a boy. Would I take such a big risk to take a chance with Miko?

  Wait, wait, wait. It's just a movie. Let's just keep this as casual as possible, why not?

  "Well?" Miko asked, blankly staring at me with his arms crossed.

  "Yeah, sure, let me just fix my hair..."

  "You and your hair..."

  I turned my head slightly, a bit surprised. "What's that supposed to mean?"

  He chuckled. "No one needs to know you that long to know how insecure you are about your hair"

  I felt my cheeks heat up slightly. "Whatever,"

  I got up and walked nervously to the bathroom, toying with my eye length bangs, lightly biting my bottom lip. I heard footsteps and soon saw Mikos tall reflection behind me in the mirror. 

  "Just do this" He sighed.

  I watched as his arms moved to each side of my head as his hands fiddled with my hair to create a messy but nice style. I saw my cheeks turn red in the reflection as he grinned.

  "T-thank you..." I whispered.

  His arms were now on each side of me and his hands gripped the sink, keeping me from moving. He reached down to my right ear, feeling the cool air of his breath blowing against my cheek.

  "Anytime..." He smiled in a seductive manner, obviously on purpose as his hands released the sink and he stepped out the bathroom.

  "Now, can we please go?" He called casually from the front door.

  I remained in the bathroom and breathed in a deep sigh of relief from being so still with a mix of shock and seduction. I took a deep breath and nodded.


The End

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