chapter sevenMature

Lucas left with a pout, going to the pub and grill he worked at and started work early, it seemed some of the girls hadn’t come in yet. They didn’t come in for the rest of the shift either, at the end of the four hour shift, Lucas stayed on for two shifts,  8 and then he headed home.

But not before his boss asked him “so Lucas, need money or something? Because you know I could have forwarded you the next check if you’re in a tight spot” she told him sounding sincerely concerned.

“No, no, I’m fine jammy, I just really needed something to do, for the day”

“Okay, so you leaving, now” she asked going back to the computer


“Hot date?” she asks without looking up at him

“Not that I need to tell you, but it’s something like that”

“Bout time you find someone who’s sticking around” Jammy told him her voice teasing him.

“Okay, well by Jammy” Lucas laughed rolling his eyes at her.

When he got back his apartment was full of wonderful smell of cooking food full of light Lucas was tentative “hello”

“Hi” called that voice from the kitchen that unforgettably sexy voice “how did you get in hear”

“Oh I’m sorry, your neighbor Gwen, sweet woman, she let me in, there was a lot of swearing involved, you would think she never seen a man come back to you?”

Lucas laughed nervously staring at D “so... so your here to stay”

“Did you not want me to come back, I mean; I thought you were okay with it”

“No, no, I am, really, I mean you’re cooking for me” D smiled turning “I must say I was surprised I mean to walk in to someone cooking for you is kind of shocking, and after only one night together”

“Maybe you’re just that good”

“Umm I have to ask, don’t you have your own apartment?”

“Yes and no”

“Meaning?” Lucas asked

“For now I do?”

“so you can’t afforded it?”

“Not alone”

“can I ask you one more thing?”

“Man you have more questions than Gwen” Lucas laughed and kissed him, the two wrapped there arms around each other.

The End

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