chapter sixMature

As Lucas left Gwen got on her best dress and slid on her favorite blue flats, then applying lip stick she slide out the door running into a woman.

Their lips touched a moment and then Gwen pulled back, if she still had boy parts she would be hard, muttering “that was not how I saw things starting off” the woman must have heard what she had said because she giggled. Gwen smiled then said

“I’m so sorry; I was just on my way out”

“You must have forgotten your purse on your ‘way out’” he said noting that she didn’t have it with her “oh how silly of me. Well you must be the new neighbors, I’m Gwen”

“I’m Jodi and this is James”

“Jammy please” he insisted

“Would you like to come over for supper” Jodi asked

“I would love that”

“Seven” said James then leaned in and whispered in her ear “you can wear that, it looks... very good on you”

Gwen blushed for perhaps the first time in servile years then giggled and said “will do” fluttering her lashes and giggling.

The End

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