chapter fiveMature

Gwen sat in her apartment watching the new neighbours move in across the hall from her, they were a beautiful straight couple why in the world where they moving into the queen quarter? She looked beautiful and lovely in every way imaginable, he was handsome and rugged and buff and masculine. A nock came at the other door and she ran to get it, pulling Lucas in and pulling him along as she told him.

“You have to see my neighbors”

“Ahh, okay”

He looked through the peek hole and then back at her “there straight?”


“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure, they keep kissing”


“What do you want” Gwen asks ignoring his question and looking though the peek hole and watching them.

“I have a boyfriend”

“is this like the others?” she asked

“no, really”

“What’s his name”

“D, Toras”

“Dtoras?” she asked looking at him a moment and then back out “no like D the letter, and Toras”

“Do I know him?”

“Definitely not”

“What he’s not a regular?”

“Absolutely not, he just walked into the bar last night from a bad break up”

“Oh honey do we need to have a talk again?” she asked looking back from the door


“are you sure?” she asked sympathetically giving him soft eyes he rolled his eyes and told her “no, this is real Gwen, he got up with me this morning, showered, with my soap my soap not the get soap he cleaned his stuff at my house”

“Honey?” she said shaking her head like she was going to give him bad news “he kissed me on his way out, asked if he could come back tonight”

“Are you sure he’s not using you” she asked

“He’s not?”

“You don’t sound convinced”

“Honey” she said again taking his hand “he wants to see me again”

“Okay, just don’t get your hopes up”

“but he asked to come back” said Lucas like a sad little puppy “awe, go have a drink, I’m going to see the new neighbors”

The End

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