chapter fourMature

D woke up on top of Lucas still stiff inside him, for a moment
he was confused and it felt odd but not bad to him. He actually liked it, his
arms were around Lucas who was lying unconscious still, D considered leaving
but didn’t instead he took Lucas manhood in his hand touching and feeling it,
it felt… good.

D pulled out of Lucas, who woke up with this sudden jerk at
first he was confused and then pleased because he was being stroked. D was
kissing his neck.

“D” Lucas said in a deep voice

“Yeah” D replied from behind 

“I’m confused, why are you still hear” Lucas said he had
never had someone do ‘this’ before “Because I’m hard?” D told him as if it were
a stupid question

“Hum bet that’s not something you thought you would be

“No, not to a man at least” D said then changed the subject
by asking to do the two things they hadn’t the night before. As D had thought
he liked them both, surprisingly so did Lucas who didn’t like being a top, but
with D it felt good.

D showed as Lucas wished his clothing then he changed back
into his clothing and eats, before heading out.

he was heading out the door, and stopped taking Lucas in his
arms he kissed him like they were a couple after the peck on the lips D asks “can
I come back tonight?”

Lucas looks at him a moment, a smile spreads across his
face, “I would like that, I would like that a lot” Lucas melted inside in happiness
as D left the room.

Lucas closed the door gently biting his lip, his heart
fluttering, wanting to cry from joy as he slid down ageist the ground and then
he jumped to his feet. He had to tell Gwen.

Gwen was a beautiful woman who lived three apartments down
in B10, she had been Lucas only girlfriend, and was now his absolute best
friend. Gwen was also a post op transvestite, but the only real women the world
had in Lucas opinion, she was also the only woman who could turn Lucas on. But that
was a different matter, the two loved each other, they had never been in love,
but they couldn’t live without each other.

They were soulmates, but it had nothing to do with sex or
being in love, it was that they couldn’t live without each other in their

Lucas ran down the hall and nocked three times on Gwen’s
door she answered in two seconds a cup of coffee in hand and only her thin
nighty on.

The End

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