chapter threeMature

Lucas sat at the bar, watching men dance, a young man in a
business suit walked in, everyone knew he was straight. They all looked at him
gaping and whispering, he walked past them all with an air of confidence, on
the inside he was shrinking, what was he doing hear. Even D Toras couldn’t
answer this question, he rationalised it with that he just needed a drink and
it was close, D sat down right beside Lucas who nodded to him, he nodded back.

The two men stared fixedly at each other.

“what’s a straight man doing in a gay bar”

“what makes you say I’m straight”

“take a look around”

He scaned the room, the bumping music every man was in tight
clothing that showed everything D nodded “fair enough” the female bar tender
came over she had long black hair tied up her tattoos showing on every inch of
skin, and parching’s everywhere.

“what can I get you”

“straight Rye” she nodded a smirk on her face “make that
two, on me” she gave Lucas a look and nodded the man didn’t object.

“thanks” he said

“you’re not straight are you” Lucas asked in curiosity

“I don’t know” D told him truthfully as they got there
drinks and shot them back ordering a second round “I’m Lucas”

“D, Toras” he said and Lucas asked “Dtoras?”

“no just D, my last name is Toras”

“ahh, where dose D come from”

“I don’t know, I grew up in foster care, never had a real
name ward of the state from infancy they just called me D, Toras” Lucas nodded

“so what brings you to a gay club D?”

“Don’t know, never bin, proximity, girlfriend just left me
for another man, always been told I was gay, Maybe its true? I needed a drink
didn’t care where” Lucas smiled to himself this would be an interesting

By 1 the two were drink talking and laughing, Lucas took
Lucas in his arms and kissed him the room seemed to take in a breath and when D
responded they all let out a breath as one.

At close they stumbled out onto the street and Lucas asked
“do you want to go back to my place, its just down the street”

“I would like that” D replied and the two stumbled back to
the apartment stumbling in laughing and kissing, closing the door the two ended
up on the couch kissing. Taking off one another’s clothing D smiled at Lucas
and they began jacking each other off.

The End

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