chapter twoMature

Mitch sits perched on her window seat staring at the panting that was leaning against the wall; her girlfriend had painted it for her. Mitch had a phone in one hand talking to Angie; the fingers of the other were entwined in the change of her necklace. Mitch rubbed the medallion between her fingers listen to Angie talk about the panting; the placement and meaning behind everything in it.

the tall thin panting was an outline of two women kissing there faces were shaded in and there body's had two tones to it the colours of skin and around the edge was shaded. the two women were naked; behind them was a messy array of objects and colours all meshed together in a way that told a story. it was beautiful in blues and greens with purples and oranges taking over the vibrancy of it all. then the two necked women kissing.

Mitch traced her lower lip with her index finger dropping the necklace as she looked at it; the panting gave her a warm sensation between her legs that only Angie put there. the dull throb of her blood between her legs made her ack for Angie want her there then; but in the back of her head she could hear that little voice whispering.

"she doesn't love you"

"you aren't good enough for her"

"she'll leave you like all the others"

"she'll brake your little heart"

"don't love her; it will only hurt you in the end"

Mitch ignored the voice and thought instead about what she had been thinking for months; as Angie on the other end was explaining in detail about the panting. Mich liked it when Angie went on and on the excitement in her voice the passion of her work. Mich had been thinking for months; Angie should move in.

Mich knew that Angie wouldn't refuse; she bit her lip and shook closing her eyes and smiling her body acing for Angie and a thump in her chest that hurt at the thought of her moving in and it was all so fast but yet it wasn't. Mich was terrified frozen and just listening to Angie and then.

"Angel?" Mitch cut her off


"do you want to move in?"

"with you"


"I'd love to; I mean we've had each others keys and everything; why not?"

"why don't you come over we'll discuss it more... bring a night bag" Mich added in a sensual voice then "I love you; see you soon" and she hung up that hurt in her chest got more intense; what in the world had she just done.

"she'll brake your heart" whispered the voice her voice "shut up" Angie yelled then silence.

The End

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