chapter oneMature

its a cold dreary night; the young women lays on her couch the radio is playing in the back ground softly. she is drifting between sleep and awake; her hair curled into a messy crown atop her head. her sad red eyes flashing back and forth opening every few minutes ever so slightly. 

a moment before the phone rings she jumps up in fright not sure what she is afraid of and then.

"bring; bring' bring"

she flinches; then closes her eyes and groaners inwardly; gently picking up the receiver and saying in a soft voice like silk so silent you can hardly here it.

"hello?" the rhetorical question in her voice; like she secretly was hoping the person on the other end would call.

"hey; Angiee; its nice to here your voice; I didn't wake you did I?" she sits up as the brighter voice asks its question.

"no" she says cheering at the sound of the women on the other end's voice; "I've been waiting for you to phone"

"yeah" the other bright chipper women says a light laugh on the edge of her lips; then silence between the two.

"did you get the painting I sent over"

"yeah... yeah its beautiful like everything you do" she says then silence.

"I LOVE YOU" she burst out in joy unable to control herself; silence "Mich?"

"I love you too" she whispers Angiee can hear the tears starting to formulate in Michelle eyes and smiles knowing that her partner of almost a year is crying tears of joy that she finally said it back.

"I'm sorry its taken so long" Angiee says

"its okay; its enough that you said it; I know you have..."

"had" Angiee corrected 

"'had' your issues" 

The End

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