seven stories about what love is; from 7 people who are all tied together.

seven story's about what love is; from seven unsuspecting people who's lives are tied together in the most intimate of ways.


Angelina; AKA. Angie or Angel has had her issues; you know the typical abuse self hate and all the rest. but thou it all she's found Mich; but are the demons of her past really gone?


Mich is always jumped into relationships too soon; so when it took her a year to get Angie to date her she knew it was the real deal. she didn't say I LOVE YOU until 6 months in and it took a year for Angie to say it back. Mich knows that Angie is 'the one' so why dose she feel an over whelming need to leave?


Lucas falls in love like other people where cloths. every night at the bars he's there and when he finds a man that can make him smile he takes him home. one night stands are grate for Adam but what happens when a one night stand decent leave?


D Toras has never had a real name raised in foster care he became a letter and surname; one night a handsome man takes him home in an unexpected twist because he's only ever been with women! he finds he likes being with men and maybe he just never thought he could be because he had always been told it was 'wrong' now he thinks maybe instead of the useless search of looking for love with women he's found it in a man?


Gwen the perfect women intelligent funny creative and quick witted; she knows what she wants and goes for it she decisive if only she hadn't been born a male. Gwen has many affairs but never has found 'the one' until a young couple move in across the street?


why in the world would Jodie and James want to live in the queer quoter? the two looking for something different and exciting move in across from Gwen a post op transgender women. to most people this would be a turn off. but to Jodie and James its a change from the norm; and then they find themselves inviting her over and Gwen ends up the centre of a love triangle. Jodie and James love each other but one night after one to many wines they wind up in bed and all three are mixed up in a love triangle the question is who dose Gwen love?

The End

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