a bit annoyed.


I'm at the street fair with Kate, Yvette, Alice, Charlie and Jenny. Johnny's here somewhere too, but I'm not sure where. Someone behind me shouts my name.

"Poppy! Oh my god!"

I turn round and it's my old friend from Ballet, Josie. She's with a group of girls I don't know, and someone I recognize but can't place, and Nate, Jamie, Toby... and Johnny.

I run up to Josie and talk to her for a while, with Kate, but my eyes are flickering to Johnny all the time. He gets m and drags me away from the others. I sigh.

"What do you want?"

"Pops, I know you're mad at me, I wanted to apoligise. I'm sorry I stretched out your jumper"

I laughed, he jumped back, surprised by the harsh noise.

"You think I'm petty enough to be annoyed that you stretched out my hoodie? No, I'm upset because you humiliated me, Idiot."

"Oh. Well, er sorry." He doesn't sound it.

"You don't sound it."

"Well, I don't get embarrassed easily. I'm sorry though. I didn't think it would."

I roll my eyes and walk off. I'll probably forgive him, But I won't forget.

Other than that, tonight has been brilliant. Charlie and I have been so hyper, along with Jenny, who was hyper until she saw someone that looks like her ex-boyfriend's brother. It doesn't sound like much to get upset about unless you know the whole story, but her ex-boyfriend died and she hasn't been out with anyone since. She cheered herself up by eating loads of sweets and getting hugs from random guys dressed up like crocodiles. She got 7 hugs in 10 minutes, a record high.



The End

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