Love... is running for it.

20:00 pm

I've been at my ballet show, and during the interval, we've (Liza, Kate, Alice, Charlotte and I ) decided to go for a walk around town. In the dark... Are you sure this is safe?


We're near waitrose when we hear a muffley shout, like a drunkard's. "Yer' ight, pree Ladie'?"

We turn our heads slightly and see 3 men abut 50 yards away, looking and whistling at us. Kate wispers to us all.

"We're going to walk until we get round that corner, so we don't look like we're scared. Then we're going to run very fast back to the theartre"

We do as she says and run for our lives round all the little backstreets to one of the Waitrose entrances, and run in (getting some odd lookes from the ordinary shoppers) when we see that the men have walked in through the other entrance. They haven't spotted us, so we wait for them to go round the other side of the shop, then run through that entrance back to the theatre. They've spotted us now, and they're running after us. I've already dialed 99 on my phone, but we're backstage now, and they can't get us anymore. We're safe.

The End

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