Love... is a bit cheesed off.


Yvette, Ellie and I are just chilling at a table, eating our lunch, chatting.

Johnny's coming over. Sh*t, I forgot to go and listen to his song!

"Pops, You never came to listen." He looks so sad, bless him. "Come now!"

"Aw, honey I'd love to, but then I'd leave Yvette all alone."

"Well she can come too"

Yvette grimaced; she hates Johnny. "I'd rather not, thanks"

"See, she'd be alone."

"Well, she's got Elliot"


"Look, I don't want to have to start a tug of war."

Yvette stands up "Okay, I will. Mine!"

She grabs my sleeve. Johnny gets the other side, and they just keep going till I'm so bored I'm like Johnny, Go away, I''m staying with Yvette. But somehow, I end up being dragged behind him by my sleeve. It's all stretched out when we get there.

"Actually, Pops, It's too late. Let's do it tommorow."

"You bastard."

The End

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