Love... is an honest opinion


In rock band. Johnny is sitting on me again, But this time not playing the piano, we're next to it on the other side, so he can't reach the keys.

"Someone said you fancy me again." 

What do I say to that?

"That's nice for you then."

What a sh*t response, what is wrong with me?

He turns to rub the piano with his head. There is something wrong with this kid.

Hannah looks across the room at us (She recently joined. She says Shoe! I say Bert!) and goes

"Aw, how romantic"

"Not really, he's sitting on me caressing a Piano."

He looks at me after a while and says

"Shouldn't we really swap places?"

Then he gets up, Pulls me up, Sits down, Pulls me down, and I fall to the side of him onto the floor. Smooth... I've smashed my leg against the chair, and I'm there lying on the floor laughing my head off and so is everyone else. Great...

21:30 pm

On Facebook.

Johnny: Poppy :) Come to the music rooms tommorrow lunchtime

Me: Kk, why?

Johnny: Because I wrote a new song :) x and I kinda want you to hera it and give an honest opinion :) x

Me: Yeah sure, I'd love to! Oh, I'm all exited now :) x

Me:I wrote a new song too, Using musical stave! Was so proud of myself ^^

Johnny: Hell yeah!

The End

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