Love... Is soooo Happy


On the way back From Stratford.

Me: Hey r u awake? x

Johnny: Always.

Johnny: Litterally I have a problem.

Me: Secretly a vampire?

Johnny: Indeed.

Me: Funsies. I have another 2 hours in the car now :/ on the plus side when I wrote car my preditive text came up with Vampire... which would another 2 hours in avampire. Totally brightened my day :L

Johnny: Lol xx

Me: :) WUU2?

Johnny: Nm just talking to people about my new video :) xxx

Me: Oh cool, watcha singing in it?

Me: Oh My giddy Gumdrops I just saw a dalek :L

Johnny: 1. Broken Strings by James Morrisson


Me:I love that song! I sang it for school x factor 2 years ago and so did Ellie and he got in and I didn't and I was so annoyed :P I sang my song today :L

Johnny: Ooh how'd it go? xxx

Me: Yea it was okay, they all said I was too quiet though. I was better than the others tho (she says modestly :P)

Johnny: Hey I always say it's too quiet aswell ;) xxx

Me:Yea you do :L am I good though? I'm not fishing for compliments, I genuinely want to know.

Johnny: Do you want an honest opinion? xxx

Me: Yes!

Johnny: Haha, well i think you're bloody brilliant at singing and working out harmonys, and you're very good at guitar and piano, but you're too quiet vocaly and instrumentally, you need to sing a bit louder and not be embarrassed about it, if you need an amp, get one :) with your piano song writing the ones I've heard the piano parts are a bit... boring :(I'm talking mainly about that one you've been playing me recently, it sounds great at the start but later on not so much... :( but the guitar parts are top notch and the vocal bits are bloody amazing :) :) :) xxxxxx 

This is the point at which Jaydie steals my phone, reads the text, says Johnny isn't good enough for me for the hundredth time, And my phone dies.

The End

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