Love... Is strangely comfortable


I was playing the Piano, in Rock band, but now Milly has decided it's her turn and is sat on me. And also, Johnny has decided he wants to sit on me, and when Milly says no, Johnny says "there's enough of her to go round. No No! I didn't mean it like that! You're not fat!" 

Then he sat on me (without Milly) for the rest of the time (20 minutes) which was the weirdest mix of Comfortable with Uncomfortable I think I've ever experienced. On the one hand, he kept on jiggling in time to the music (uncomfortable) but on the other hand, I was basically spending the whole time hugging him (I had my arms round his waist) and he smells amazing.

It was so funny in Tutorial, Eloise, Ellie, Colin, Kate and I were playing spin the bottle, and it was Hillaire.

The End

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