Love... is bleeding. A lot.


Sponsored walk today. Merde. On the bright side, a bunch of people dressed up as Mexicans, and Jenny drew a moustache on me, and Jamie gave me a 'mexified' sticker. They're pretty cool.


Merde this hill is big. It's almost vertical. I was walking with Darcy, but she went on ahead. Now I'm walking with Ellis.He's trying to convince me that jogging up the hill is easier, and that I should try it. And you know what I say to that? PAHAHAHA Yeah right.


My feet are bleeding. A lot. See, I got some new trainers so they aren't really broken in yet. And now I've walked 6 miles, my feet are bleeding and i've got 2 more miles to go. Great. At least it's downhill from here.


How the hell am I going to do ballet tommorow? Merde...

The End

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