Love... is confusing.

2nd Septemeber

8:50 am

Sitting next Yvette, comparing timetables with her. I've got geography, ICT, maths and english.

8:55 am

Went to compare with Kate, and I have NO LESSONS WITH HER!!! It sucks! Although, I looked at Johnny's whle i was over there and I have science, music and english with him. Also, I was leaning over, looking at Kate's timetable, and my hair was all in my face, and he started playing with it (my hair, I mean, not my face) and then said "I love how you just don't care that I'm messing up your hair." He's always saying stuff like that.

11:15 am

We've got 2 new girls in our little gang, they're called Charlie and Lollie. They both seem really nice. Eloise has started hanging out with Ysa and such, so we don't see her much anymore, which is sad. Ah well, I've got bigger fish to fry.

The End

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