My name is Satine. I guess i made alot of people "fall in love" with me. But this one person cant get it thorough their mind i don't want them back.

"Luke! just leave me alone! You had your chance." I screamed in his face. Everyone stoped and stared at us

"Please Satine i love you."Luke whispered to me

"Luke........... i have a boyfriend. I know you say you love me but what does love even mean? What is the meaning of love Luke?"

"i don't know"

" I know. Love to some people is just having sex and that's it. Love for other people is comminucation, trust, and actually like each other. That' love. love to me  i s  the second option what is love to you?" I whispered to him then left

A couple tears escaped from my eyes as i ran home.

The End

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