It had been some time since I had seen my family. Jade, my sister, and Toby, my brother sent a huge amount of letters and emails while I was away. I rarely talked to them on the phone but when I did the bill was gigantic.

While I was away from home I had met a handsome young man named Rick. I saw him sitting on a street corner, holding a large bottle of vodka. It didn't take me long to figure that he was totally pissed. I hadn't thought about the reasons he might have been drinking so heavily, I didn't think that he might have been aggressive or violent, so I sat down beside him. This wasn't a normal experience for me, I hadn't done it before and I didn't intend on doing it again.

He turned to face me. His face was red, probably from the drink, and was covered in mud. Maybe a was a tramp, who had always lived on the streets. But their was one thing I knew, he really needed a bath. When I looked at the horrible, dirty man before me, I could only notice one attractive thing about him, his twinkling hazel eyes that stared at me. When I looked into them, I saw that inside he was more than a smelly tramp, but a gentleman.

I picked up the spare glass lying at his feet and held it out in front of him. He quickly got the hint and filled it up with vodka. I took a sip, feeling relieved to have a good drink in my hand again. Before that day I had gone five months without alcohol.

We sat together for hours not saying a word to each other. The only time we would make any communication whatsoever was when I wanted another drink, and like before I would put the glass in front of him and gesture silently at the bottle. As time went on I drank less, and I started to remember why I had stopped drinking. I felt sick and my vision began to warp. I remembered very little after that, I think I might have fallen asleep.

The next morning I felt almost as bad as the night before. My head was banging, it felt as if it was going to explode. Rick felt worse. The corner that we were sitting at was surrounded in vomit and, one thing for sure, it wasn't me. He was still sleeping when I woke up. I would have woken him but he looked so peaceful when he slept. I hauled myself up, my legs and backside stiff from not moving for so long, and tried to step over the puke. Stupidly as I was trying to do this I was watching Rick, so I ended up standing in it.

"Shit!!" I cursed. Rick's eyes opened and looked at me. He smiled in a bizarre way, maybe it was just him. "What??"

"You're voice. It's so..." He began searching for a word in his mind.

".. Pissed off???" The words that I offered him were true but and shook his head.


"Sweet?? You have to been kidding." He shook his head again. Well, I wasn't going to argue with a stranger.

“You wanna go get a drink???” I looked at him then the three empty bottles at him feet and back again. He shook his head. “A coffee?”

 So off we went, to a cafe on the edge of the town. I sat with my latte and we talked about ourselves. I told him about my journey, how I enjoyed travelling. He told me about his family, his brothers and sister. He was rather outgoing until I brought up the subject of the previous evening.  

The End

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