"Trevor, please don't leave... I need you..." My voice shook as I barely got the words out, trying not to cry.

   "Carrie, you blew it. Don't talk to me ever again," he yelled as he rushed away. Had I really blown it? My whole world was crashing down. This can't be happening.

   Everything was spinning, tears were running down my cheeks. I don't know what to do. What was I supposed to do? Trevor was there for me everyday of my life for two years. I couldn't just let him go.  He meant way too much to me.

   On the other hand, I deserved this. He was my ex, but there's a few reasons for that. I was controling, demanding, immature and untrustworthy. I was lucky that he stayed friends with me in the first place. Why did I break that promise? Why did I smoke it? I always screwed things up...

   I guess I shouldn't feel so bad, though. He's happy with his new girlfriend. The one he cheated on me with, but why should I care? He's not doing any good to me not that we're broken up. I so regret taking the pipe.

The End

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