The Color, Red fade to Black

After Kevin left to go to practice, Monica sat at the table thinking about Tony. A sexy moment with him that night. But she could feel it in her heart that she should be with this man. She was not the type of woman that wanted a husband to play in sports. She wasn't the type that would cheat on him either.  But she manage to walk to the window and began to talk to God about her marriage.

"Oh God," she speaks, "You have always blessed me with a great husband. He would do anything for me. So why am I unhappy? I don't get it. I just get an awful feeling deep inside of me. I don't know what it is. Please, Lord, give me a sign."

Suddenly, a knock at the door scared her. She went to the door. 

"I knew you would come through for me," said Tony, "thank you for giving me my job back."

Tony smiled at Monica and he allowed himself inside of her huge mansion. 

"Well I called your boss and persuaded him." Monica said. 

Tony grabbed a piece of fruit which did not make Monica happy.

"What are you doing?" Monica asked him.

"I am eating an apple." Tony said as he taken another bite.

"Well, did you even asked me could you have an apple?" Monica said as she folded her arms.  She can see that Tony was trying to make her angry. After all, payback is sweet where he came from. She accused him of sexual harassing her, and then she got him fired. That wasn't nice on her part. Still, he should have been a bigger person. After all, she did get his job back. And she apologized to him. That's punishable enough.

"Did you hear what I said?" Monica grew angrier at him.

"Yeah I heard ya," Tony responded as if he didn't have a care in the world, "but you know, what goes around comes around. You treated me wrong, and I'm suppose to forget about that?"

"And I'm sorry for that okay," Monica said, "but I will not have you treating me like dirt because I have done something wrong to you." 

"Well that is not my problem, lady. You done somebody wrong, you pay the consenquences for your actions."

Monica's eyes watered, and this jerk just hurt her feelings. She did say she sorry and she did got his job back for him. What more does he want from her. To pay for what she did. He felt kinda bad for her.

"GET OUT!!! NOW!!!" she screamed at him. She was angry and kicked him in his manhood. He was hurt, and she pushed him out the door. "And don't you ever come back!"

She slammed the door in his face. He felt so much pain. How could she kick him in his private parts area like that? But that's what he get for punishing her like that. As he was filled with agony pain, he can hear her crying. He knocked on her door. But she wouldn't answer.

"Look, I'm sorry," Tony said. But his apologies were not good enough for her. She was angry at him for torturing her like that. She tried to make amends to him, but he took it too far, "I know that you were trying to make it up to me. I'm sorry for that. Please, except my apology."

For a moment, she still wouldn't answer the door. He was about to give up. He was about to leave. He thought that he had got through to her. But he didn't. He hit a brick wall. He turned his back and was about to leave. That is when she opened the door, and her beautiful face popped out. He turned his back again and saw her. He ran to her and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so hard on you. You did make it up to me. You did get me my job back. I thank you for it."

"Apology except it!" Monica said as they both shook hands.



The End

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