Kiss, Don't Tell

The next morning, Monica woke up and still, her husband was not home yet. She was in her white satin night gown, waiting on him all night. Monica climbed out of bed, and then looked out of the window. She saw Kevin pulled into the driveway. He climbed out of his black SUV and then he walked towards the front door. Monica ran down the stairs to greet him. Monica wasn't upset at Kevin for coming in around eight o'clock in the morning. But she was glad to see him safe.

"I'm so sorry, babe," Kevin explained, "I was drunk and my friends convinced me to stay for the night."

"I understand," Monica said, "but you could have called."

"That's the thing," Kevin said with his full of lies, "my cell phone was dead because it has not been charged all day, and my friend's phone was down too. I knew how you feel about me driving drunk, so I decided I was going to stay with my friends."

"I know," Monica said as she gave him a hug and a kiss, "have you had any breakfast before you left this morning?"

"No," Kevin said, "I left out of there before they woke up."

"Well. Let me fix you breakfast."

"Thank you." Kevin said.

"I thought for a moment that you were cheating on me, I would have killed you." Monica joked as she smiled and went into the kitchen.

Kevin looked at Monica with the scared look in his eyes. Though he realized that if she ever found out that he and her own flesh and blood have been sleeping together, then Monica would have made good on that promise. Monica mixed the blueberry pancake batter into a bowel. She poured it into a hot pan, and the blueberry pancakes started to fluff.

Kevin had no clue what was going on with Monica. He hoped that she did not read the paper, or heard it on the news. So Kevin went outside the front porch to look for the newspaper. He did not see the paperboy yet, but must not have been around the block. Of course, why would Kevin get so nervous about? After all, his consious followed him around like a stalker ready to strike at any moment. He looked both ways and tried to find the newspaper in the bushes. But no luck. Oh well, maybe no newspaper today he guessed.

But what Kevin failed to realize was that Monica had her own adventures last night. But she would not dare to tell him about oner very hot handyman. He was just a good man. An innocent man who was caught in the crossfire with Kevin's restraining order. But for Kevin, it was okay for him to sleep with her sister. Just as long as Monica doesn't read it. Kevin walked into the kitchen and Monica handed him the breakfast. They sat down together at the dinner table in the dining room. Kevin looked at her and hoping she didn't get the paper.

"Oh, baby," Monica said before she started to eat, "I just wanted to tell you. There was the newspaper strike this morning."

"What?" Kevin said.

"You didn't hear the news this morning. They went on strike. They said they weren't paying enough salary for the newspaper. So no more newspapers for this week. Isn't that awful?'

"Yeah, it is awful." Kevin said. Kevin was relived about that. Who knows what would have go on in Monica's mind.

Meanwhile, Tony rose out of his bed. And he allowed his beautiful tight ripped chest and abs to show. Sexy Tony must have feel so much better after that splitting headache he had after being hit over the head with a baseball bat. But he did took Aleve pain killer to kill his headache. He walked over to his window and that was when he started to think about Monica. Very beautiful, very sweet. He thought that she called for a restraining order. At least he use to think so. The way she touched him last night was nothing more than a woman who doesn't want to stop seeing him. That stupid husband of hers. Why does he have to mess up everything for her. He does nothing, but play basketball, and toss her aside. For crying out loud, she is  not a yesterday's leftovers. He was madly in love with her. He would never hurt her or harass her. But that stupid Eugene couldn't resist himself. He's the cause of Tony getting fired. So, instead of Monica calling in to get his job back, Eugene's sorry behind should do it. Oh he will get his. He would swear on his private part. He walked down the stairs to his kitchen. Before he would make himself a cup of decaf Folgers coffee, the phone rings on his cellphone. He walked to grab his cellphone. He was nervous and he was hoping that Monica could convince his boss that it wasn't his fault. He answered the phone and that he hoped they would give him another chance.

"Hey, Jack. How you doing?" he said with the warm ad inviting in his voice. For Jack Switzer, he was not only Tony's boss, but his friend. He had to fire Tony for a safety reason.

"Hey, Tony." Jack replied, "I talk to Eugene, and I told him he could not work for me anymore."

Tony was not shocked at all. He walked over to the kitchen cabinet to pull out the cherry pop tarts. He ripped the silver package and popped them in the toaster.

"Anyway," Jack continued, "there was this young lady who just called me this morning. She said that she was responsible for you getting fired and wanted me to rehire you."

Tony was happy that Monica followed through on her promise, but was nervous. He hoped that Monica's call worked. For he has gotten his light and gas bills to pay. And he was not going to go down just because Eugene wanted to get his freak on with Monica.

"So because of her, I'm rehiring you." Jack said.

"About time," Tony said, "I was getting ready to look into the want-ads for a new job."

"Yeah, I figured you would. We would have lost our very best mechanic. Really hard to look for. But try to understand. I had to fire you to protect our image. We do not allow any foul ups here."

"I understand that, Jack." Tony said, "but you got to understand that i don't do very well in working at the same place I just got fired from. Heck! I just might go to work for Pension Appliance repairs."

"Well I would have to be put out of business, wouldn't I? Working for the competition wouldn't go very well with me."

"I guess it wouldn't."


All day long, Kevin thought about Vanessa and her sexy body. How good would it be to wrap his loving arms around her waist, held her, and then made his way into her bed without a care in the world. Touching her soft caramel body and made his way down to her breast was his only pleasure. He sat at the edge of his bed, thinking about her. He would think up ways to cress her thick lips. But he thought about Monica. Another beautiful woman whom he married for two years.

Oh yeah! Monica has curvy body that would make man of any race want to have romantic dreams about her. The nice butt fit into their profile of girls. Of course, Tony enjoyed it, but it's too bad Kevin didn't. Kevin claimed to be a Christian guy, but Tony is also a Christian. Kevin doesn't hit Monica, but he doesn't pay much attention to her either. But Monica doesn't seem to be bothered, but Tony always attend to a woman's needs first. For he felt that is what a Christian man suppose to do. Monica was taking a shower. Anytime Monica would put on her favorite fragrant, Mariah Carey's Lusious Pink, he would walk into another room. He use to like the perfume she wore. Now, he would rather be hanging out with his friends than coming home to a romantic dinner she slaved over the stupid stove for him. Men! They never appriciate anything a woman's done for them. 

The End

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