That Other Woman

While Fanchon was visiting Monica, Kevin and Vanessa were going over the limits on the drinking at Brienda's Bar & Grill Sports Bar. Vanessa was on top of the counter, dancing as if she was a stripper. She was enjoying herself...if she wasn't drunk and kept falling over into Kevin's arms. For Vanessa has been doing that to each and every guy she ever dated, even to some guys Monica have dated. Of course Monica knew that Vanessa could not ever have Kevin, because he married Monica. But Vanessa have always wanted to hurt Monica. Even though she ended up hurting herself.

Kevin saw the beautiful Vanessa dancing in her black patten leather shoes that she knew that's what Kevin loved. Kevin was concerned for Vanessa's well being, and was trying to get her to climb down from the counter before she gets hurt. 

"Vanessa," Kevin said, "that's enough. You're drunk. You have being at this for two hours now." 

"I'm sitting on top of the world!" Vanessa shouted as her words were slurred and she was wobbling as she walked across the counter.

"Vanessa, please," said Kevin as he tried to reach out to her. But then, she fell off, but luckily, Kevin catch her. 

"Alright," Kevin said, "you have had enough for one night. Time for you to go home."

What Kevin and Vanessa didn't know was that a reporter from Alright Celeb Magazine has been taking pictures of the event. Kevin took Vanessa out to his car, and then he drove her home.

Kevin and Vanessa finally arrived and Vanessa woke up from her nap. Kevin got out of the car, and then grabbed Vanessa. He brought her into her house, and he took her up into her bedroom. 

"Thank you," Vanessa said as he slide the clothes off of her.

He looked at her and knew he was flirting with her. Vanessa was looking as beautiful as Monica. But he could not take his eyes off of her. He tried so hard to not look at her, but he was weak to her advance. Kevin got really close to her like a hawk wanted a piece of meat. But that was all there was, a piece of she looked so damn sexy in bed. Especially when she was still drunk.

A basketball player took advantage of his sister-in-law, and did not care if anyone was looking through the window and started taking pictures. Kevin had sex with Vanessa that night, and it was a good and sticky sex. The sex was so good to him, it was a lot better than Monica. The tabloids were all over the picture taking. Kevin got that arrogant feeling that his wife would believe him that the tabloids were the ones who make him out to be like Tiger Woods. But does he really think that Monica was that stupid enough to believe that the photo she will see in the morning, front page, that it is not her husband? 

The End

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