While Kevin, Vanessa, and the rest of the Eagles celebrated, Monica went home and she was about to take off her clothes, she heard a knock at the door. There was Fanchon Alexander, a dark haired woman, who looked exactly like Kim Kardashian...without the "it's all about me" smirk. Fanchon was a good friend of Monica's. The girls  grew up together, getting the very hot dates together. Heck, they both got married on the same day. Fanchon, now divorced, was the only friend Monica could talk to. They would meet at Sengria's Coffee Shop for a girl talk every now and then. Fanchon was a friend Monica could trust to tell her problems to. Monica opened the door and was glad to see Fanchon. The girls started hugging each other. 

"Fanchon," Monica cries, "girl, I am so glad to see you."

"Wow," said Fanchon, "has it been two months now."

"How is the Alexander Hotel in Las Vegas?"

"It's going very well. I had a great opening night."

"Are there twenty floors, fifteen restaurants and casinos in your hotel?"

"Yep. And there are also hot guys too!"

"Hot guys?"

"Yep, with six packs."

"Are you flirting with them already? You have only been divorced for about six months now."

"Yeah, but I wanted to make my ex-husband jealous. You know, make him missed out on what could have been. But then again, he wouldn't care. So why should I?" 

Fanchon won her divorce settlement for over one hundred and million dollars from her ex-husband, Attorney Mike Milton. Fanchon caught him cheating on her with his secretary, Georgia Aurelia. The affair has been going on for eight months. So, she divorced him and not only took the money, but the house, the car, and lucky for him, she would have taken the kids if he wasn't lying to her about he could not make babies. But one little white lie couldn't hurt...or could it? All Fanchon know was that he got a woman pregnant, but it wasn't by the secretary, but by a stripper, Daisy Abney aka "Lollipop". Mike wanted her to have an abortion, but she refused, and warned him that if he ever tried to get rid of her child, she would tell his wife everything. He did not want that, but he tried at many temps to kill the baby, but Daisy was one smart woman, and told Fanchon in her own home he was having an affair on her.  Fanchon was furious and she told Mike she wanted a divorce. But to her surprise, he said he wanted a divorce too. According to Mike, he fell out of love with Fanchon and that she was a boring wife. Even though she was a very beautiful woman and was pleasing to look at; but for Mike, it was the same old thing. 

So Fanchon won the divorce settlement, and the only thing Mike dreaded the most was the child support payments he owned to Daisy and their eight month old boy, Mike Jr. Ever since the divorce. Mike started drinking heavily.  But he kept it on the down-low about the whole drinking thing.  It would not make any difference to him, because Fanchon was out of his life for good. So now, he is working on getting rid of Daisy by denying his own son, he and Daisy knew the baby was his.

Suddenly, the door was banging, which startled Monica and Fanchon. 

"What the heck was that?" Fanchon whispered. The girls went to investigate to see who it was. So Monica rushed to the door. 

"Who is it?" Monica said politely as she was trying to be polite.

But no one answered. But Monica knew there was somebody there, and she was scared and her husband wasn't there to protect her.

"Don't answer the door yet."  Fanchon whispered to Monica as Fanchon grabbed the baseball bat near by the foyer. She ran to the side of the door as she was getting ready to strike.

"Okay," said Fanchon, "on the count of three, open the door, and then I'll knock him out. Ready?"

Fanchon was the type of woman that will help out a friend. Especially Monica, who was left alone by  Kevin, whom she was not too crazy about. Fanchon had always known that there was something not quite right about Kevin. She was married long enough to know that men with so much attention, so much wealth cannot be trusted.

"One, two, three!" Fanchon said, and then Monica opened the door, and in walked Tony, but before he could say anything to Monica, Fanchon hits him over the head with a baseball bat. He fell into the floor and was knocked out cold.

"Oh no," Monica said, "this guy was here before. I put a restraining order against him."

"You put a restraining order against him?" Fanchon said, "but he looked so beautiful and ripped."

"Well then you date him. He and some other guy were maintaince men who were suppose to come over and fix the washer and dryer. But they were harassing me. "

Monica looked at Tony and she and Fanchon watched his beautiful body. Monica loved to see muscled-men, and she knew in her heart that she liked when he stared at her butt. She called for a restraining order, which was a lie. Actually, Kevin was the one who wanted to put a restraining order on him. She just wanted to forget that even happened...or does she? Monica was in the mood of looking at Tony's big biceps and triceps go to work on the washer and dryer. He was very handsome man with a pretty face and one hot and sexy body for every woman to get close to.  She was going to call him back to give him another chance, but that damn husband of hers talked her into thinking that if he did the sexual harassment before, he will more likely harass her again.

"Actually, that was Kevin's idea to put a restraining order against him."

"What?" Fanchon said, "why did you let him do that to this guy? I swear I think Kevin is not treating you like a queen."

Monica cautiously unbutton his white short sleeve shirt, and saw a full package. His hard rock abs and even harder rock muscles.

"Hellllllo!" Fanchon cried as she stared at his beautiful physic. 

"We got to put him on the couch." Monica said. 

"Good idea." said Fanchon.

The girls picked him up by his arms and legs and put him on the couch.

About four minutes later, he woke up and saw two women staring at him. He did not know what to say, and he had forgotten about why he came. His eyes were Ebony and his thick lips were sexy to Monica's approval. She watched him laying on her couch, allowing him to expose his masculine beauty. She could not resist on wanting to touch his full-ripped body as she sat there right next to him. He felt her touch from her finger and he stared at her. 

"I did not put a restraining order against you." Monica said to him. 

Tony remembered why he came over because she said that she didn't put a restraining order against him.

"Well I didn't harass you," Tony said, "I'm not stupid, you know. And why did your girlfriend hit me over the head with a baseball bat?"

"I thought that you were in intruder," Fanchon said as she came in with a bag of ice cubes."

"You know, you could give me brain damage for that."

"I'm sorry."

Monica was smiling at the fact that Tony was okay and that he was so hot.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. Can you ever forgive me?" Monica pleaded with Tony.

"I'll forgive you on one condition." Tony said.

"Name it!"

"Give me my job back, and we'll call it even."

"Okay, I'll call your job tomorrow. Are you gonna be alright?"

"Yeah," Tony said as he rubbed the back of his head, "I'll be fine. I just need to go home and take some headache medicine."

"Well," Fanchon said, "just so you know, it was her husband's idea to give you a restraining order."

Tony was laying there looking so beautiful as Monica stared his masculine beauty and his sexy smile. As soon as he got his strength back, he left to go home. Monica wanted him to stay, but he had to leave because she knew that Kevin was coming home soon. And heaven forbid if Kevin sees a very attractive handyman lying in his living room would spell trouble. Especially since he was the one who put a restraining order against him.



The End

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