Satin, the Other White Linen.

Later on that night at the Eagles Statium, Kevin and the Dallas Eagles played against the Miami Falcons. The Eagles and the Falcons were in the championship game. The Eagle's star athlete, Kevin was drippling the basketball down the basketball court as he ran down to the basket and slam dunked the ball into the basket. The crowd went wild as Kevin pushed the team's 15 point lead to 2 more points. Monica was taking pictures in support of her famous husband, Kevin. The Eagles won the championship game. They beat the Miami Falcons 111 points to 95 points. The Eagles were happy as the crowd ran from their seats to congraduate the Eagles team. Monica ran down from her seat to hug Kevin. The gafeddies were raining down like there has been a parade going on.

"I'll see you back at home." Monica said as she kissed Kevin on the lips.

"Alright," said Kevin, "we are going to celebrate tonight when I get home."

Monica left to go into the hall, and then ran into her older sister, Vanessa Atkins. She and Monica had a restraint relationship. Vanessa had always been jealous of Monica. Both Vanessa and Monica were two beautiful women, but Vanessa slept with a lot of men. Monica was a Christian woman who waited until the right man and the right moment for her. Vanessa would get into trouble with men. And she would picked guys that were either abusers or they would be in and out of jail. Vanessa wore wigs. She wore the honey wig that can be down to the shoulder length. She felt that she is better than Monica because she had that "knack" for men, that they would rather give Vanessa plenty of sex than to getting to know her as a whole.

Vanessa looked at Monica with a mean look on her face. Her thick lips were covered in orange-red lip gloss and she was holding her black suade Juicy Coture hand bag in her hand, hoping that would angered Monica. But Monica saw passed her game as she rolled her eyes.

"Hi sis," Vanessa sighed as she rolled her eyes, "my boyfriend bought me this Juicy Coture. My  favorite name brand."

"That's nice, Vanessa," Monica said, "where did he get that? Or better yet, who did he stole it from? The pawn shop?"

Vanessa was angry at Monica for making jokes when Monica knew how sensitive about her boyfriends. Especially sometimes the truth hurts.

"Who died and made you the queen?" Vanessa scolded Monica, "he didn't have to steal from anybody."

Monica knew that she had say something that was not right, but she knew that every guy Vanessa had always ended up in jail or dead. It just goes without saying thast Vanessa had a bad taste in men.

"Look," Monica said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. It's just that you keep picking the wrong guys."

That was when Vanessa slapped Monica in the face. That would tell Monica that she was not in the mood for talking about her life.

"Don't you ever tell me that I always pick the wrong guy!" Vanessa shouted,  "you don't know a damn thing about what guys I choose to go out with!"

Monica never seen Vanessa this angry since she walked out on their mother ten years ago. Monica knew how jealous Vanessa can be. Being the oldest, Vanessa felt that her parents paid more attention to Monica than they paid attention to Vanessa. And there are times when Vanessa and Monica would get into the heated argument over everything. From the best Barbie dolls to getting a new car.

"You know what," Monica said, I'm not even going to start with you right now. I'm going to go home, and celebrate my husband's victory, and you are going to go out to the bar like you always do, and find you another guy. You have your life, and I have mine."

"Good," said Vanessa, "that is just like you. One jealous chick who just can't get over the fact that I finally got a man, and you just won't congradualate me. That is real selfish of you, Monica."

"Goodbye, Vanessa," cried Monica as she turned and walked away from Vanessa, "call me when you are sober."


The End

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