Through The Rain

One Friday morning,  the weather was rainy, and Tony was in his sector eight home just getting out of bed. His feet touched the cold floor. His five o'clock shadow showed on his face. He may looked like he had just came home from a party at Sydney's bar. Tony looked a mess from all of the heavy drinking. A very handsome man who loved to drink a bottle of Hennessy and sometimes mixed it with a little shot of volka. But this morning, Tony did not feel like having hangover part two. He just wanted to go into his contemperary kitchen, and grabbed a box of cereal. A famous tiger on the blue box woke him up, alone with a couple of scrambled eggs, two large sized bacon, and a tall glass of full-blown pulped orange juice. 

In his mind, he thought about Monica. Yes, she was one heck of a looker. The type of woman who need no introduction. He could give her a better life than her ego trip basketball star husband. Tony got up from his chair in the kitchen, just to go outside and pick up the morning paper. The mist from the rain cleared his nostrils, especially since the temperture was only about eighty degrees.

Tony took the newspaper, and looked inside. As he reads, he found out that Monica had filed a restraining order against him and Eugene for sexual assault.  Tony was not happy at all. He did not do anything to her. She should be going after Eugene, not Tony. He walked back inside of the house and slammed the door. While the newspaper article ruined his appetite, Tony thought to himself, I would never put my hands on her or make sexual remarks about her. He was a respected Christian who has been railroaded for the things he did not do.

Just as he was about to go and take a shower to get ready for work, the doorbell rings. Tony threw the paper down on his leather couch in the living room, and answered the door. There was a man in the dress up military uniform. He was smiling as he showed off his military five medals on his navy suit to let Tony know that he served his country well. He had a black umbrella over him to protect him and his medals from getting wet. 

"Are you Anthony Jonas?" he asked.

"Yes." Tony replied.

The U.S. Army man with a plesant voice handed him a plain white envelope.

"You been served!" he said, and then he left.

As the rain kept pouring down, Tony was too afraid to even open the envelope. For he knew where this was going. The restraining order against him from Monica. So, he went back inside, and then exhaled as he opened up the envelope. He read the white piece of paper, and just as he feared, the order was to stay away from Monica and Kevin Larson.  Tony was angry at the fact that she would even envolved him in the sexual harrassment. So, he shut his front door, sat in the chair in the living room, and began to pour out his tears into his dignity.

Suddenly, someone knocked at Tony's door.

"Oh, come on, man!" Tony cried, "is this woman trying to punish me?"

So, he got up, and put on his 'man' face, and answered the door. It was his best friend, Daemyn Crockett. He was very loyal to Tony ever since childhood. He was bald, but does not look like the young version of Issac Hayes. He was standing in the rain with Lays potato chip in his hands as he licked them.

"Hey," Tony said, "what's up, man?"

""What's up, Tony?" Daemyn said as they walked inside and into the kitchen, "guess who I saw standing on my front porch last night?"

"Who?" Tony asked.

"Robin Baker," Daemyn said, "she is one fine woman."

"The woman you use to date, but she dropped you for another guy?"

"Yeah," Daemyn said, "she is doing great, and..."

Daemyn noticed that Tony seemed distant, like he stared into the outta space. 

"What's wrong, man?" Daemyn said. Daemyn knew that this was the guy that he played basketball with on the basketball court at the kids' playground area. A guy that will share few tips with when it comes to women. And a guy who would have a couple of Budweisers with.

"I got a restrainting order ." Tony said.

"By whom?" Daemyn said.

"By a woman who is married to a basketball star," Tony responded, "Yesterday, Eugene and I were suppose to be fixing this woman's washer and dryer. The next thing I knew, Eugene started to make sexual advances towards her. And now, she accusing not only him, but me. So, she and her husband decided to put a restraining order on Eugene and on me. I can just kill Eugene for that."

"Eugene?" said Daemyn, "I thought he was suppose to be in rehab because he got drunk and raped his wife. After she divorced him, he really went off the deep end, and have been drinking heavily to the point that he almost kill himself."

"That's the guy," Tony said as he took out two Budweiser longnecks, "I tried to tell my boss he is not ready to come into work. He had just came out of rehab, and he just really messed up."

"So, what are you going to do?" Daemyn asked.

"I don't know," Tony said, "but I can't have this hanging over my head. I will have to talk to her about this."


The End

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